Ghana’s Hero Cab Driver Receives Brand New Car – Koala’s Fulfilled Promise

Talk about keeping a promise, Ghana’s very own Nana Yaw gets a befitting reward from Koala Shopping Centre. The entire management of Koala Shopping Centre has eventually kept their word of rewarding the brave taxi driver with a brand new Chevrolet Optra (Sedan) Saloon car.

Nana Yaw who thought on his feet to stop the robbers who attacked a staff of Koala supermarket near the American Embassy at the Cantonement area got his just reward on Tuesday at the Koala premises. This was to fulfil the promise made by Koala management who filled with huge appreciation for his deed promised to reward the man whose heroic act left his car in a wreck, with a new car.

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cab driver's wrecked car

The Head of Marketing and Public Relations Christal Beeko expressed her appreciation and said the management had fulfilled the promise it made.

Also during the presentation, the Director of Koala, Mr Imad Wolley, hailed the cab driver for his bravery and also expressed his concerns over their injured staff, as well as all the employees, saying that they care about the well-being of all their staff.

This heroic act attracted many songs of praise from all angles, it equally moved President Mahama to say he would give Nana Yaw a house. Vice President K. B. Amissah-Arthur made the announcement when he hosted the taxi driver at the Flagstaff House. It was later discovered that it was another staff of Koala Supermarket Gilbert Osabutey 36yrs, who masterminded the supposed successful robbery attack. He was a supervisor at the Cantonement branch of the company. It was said he had informed the robbers of the victim’s movements that fateful day, and paid them to rob her because he believed she was on her way to make a huge deposit at the bank.