Seizure of Kofi Adams’ Vehicles: Opposition NDC React to the Unexpected Incident

Ex President Mahama has also condemned the alleged seizure of Kofi Adams’ cars by some National Security personnel…

Reports emerged yesterday that alleged National Security personnel seized five cars from Mr. Adams’ home whilst he was overseas in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Kofi Adams who is the National Organiser of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), confirmed the incident while speaking on Citi News on Wednesday.

Seizure of Kofi Adams’ Cars

According to Mr. Adams, before he traveled to the UAE on Sunday, some six officials claiming to be National Security personnel visited his house on Saturday in an attempt to seize the cars in his absence. He continued that he managed to stop them when he was called at a funeral grounds. He also said he also managed to confirm, that the men were not ordered to carry out the act by the National Security Minister.

The NDC loyalist however said he received a call on Wednesday whilst outside the country, that sixteen military persons and some police officers together with four of the six who came earlier, raided his residence and forcefully seized his vehicles. The vehicles seized included two land cruisers and three pick-up vans.

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The possible reason behind this incident has still not been known, despite various efforts to dig up information. More so, the NDC National Organizer did not also state in his narration, why such incident occurred.

Mahama Condemns Seizure of Kofi Adams’ Cars

Former President John Mahama has condemned the alleged seizure of cars from Kofi Adam’s residence national security personnel. The ex President in a social media post, expressed displeasure over the incident, as he described it as “unprovoked attacks on NDC functionaries and supporters”. His statement reads;

The unprovoked attacks on NDC functionaries and supporters are needless and must end. Yesterday the National Organiser of the NDC’s residence was invaded by security men from the seat of Government, the Flagstaff House in his absence, in search of vehicles when they knew very well they were on the wrong path. This must end. 

It Doesn’t Matter who Bought My Cars –  Kofi Adams

Kofi Adams was not so pleased when several questions concerning the ownership of the seized vehicles were raised. The NDC National organizer at a time, was reluctant towards answering the questions as he argued the essence. Though it took a while, Kofi Adams finally pointed out that he owns the cars because they are registered in his name.

He was however quick to raise calls for more concerns on the seizure of his vehicles, rather than frivolous questions about the ownership of the vehicles.

It is important to note that authorities at the Ministry of Defence, have denied sending any soldier to raid Mr. Adams residence.