Kofi Adjorlolo and Victoria Mekpa Relationship: How the Much-Talked-About Affair Boomed and Crashed

Aside the well known public outrages, Kofi Adjorlolo and Victoria Mekpa’s relationship has been thriving in the midst of serious background disagreements…

The flourishing but controversial romantic affair between veteran Ghanaian actor, Kofi Adjorlolo and upcoming actress Victoria Lebene Mekpa has hit the rocks. This was after Victoria finally bowed to the pressure on her side over the wide age gap between her and her heartthrob.

Victoria divulged her decision to call it a day with Kofi, during an exclusive interview with Peace Fm. She has been under fire in her family over her affair with Kofi Adjorlolo. The Ghanaian actress, her father in particular has been against the relationship from the word go and has also made it clear that she will not have his blessings as long as her choice remains Kofi.

It is something that has always been at the back of my mind that my father is not in support of it. So I have decided to make my father proud and to let him know that I have listened to him and I don’t want the marriage to come between me and my father because he is one of the reasons why I am who I am today.

According to Victoria, it finally got to the point where she had to choose between her lover and her family. Stressing being very happy with Kofi, Victoria said she still valued her family relationship more.

Miss Mekpa was however quick to point out that, she is not leaving Mr. Adjorlolo because of the public jeers she has been receiving since their romantic affair went wild, but is rather succumbing to her father’s wish of not seeing her marry a man who is almost the same age with him.

I would like to let someone know that this decision is not because of what Counselor Lutterodt said or what I have heard in the media, the comments, pictures, videos and every other thing concerning this news… It’s just my father being the other case beside all the social media issues and I just want him to be happy because without your father’s blessing your marriage can’t flourish.

Victoria Mekpa further disclosed that the delay in their being married was all as a result of her father’s disagreement. She said she was taking her time to see if she could convince him, but that never happened.

Kofi Adjorlolo and Victoria Mekpa’s Relationship

Kofi Adjorlolo and Victoria Mekpa met each other for the first time on set; that was about two years ago. According to Victoria, they subsequently met severally during filming and they started talking. After a while, they started loving each other. Since then, the two have been together, occasionally spotted at social events and other popular spots as couple.

The love between them has also been booming, with Victoria always talking about how much she is loving and is being loved.

About Kofi and Victoria

Kofi Adjorlolo ranks among the most popular Ghanaian actors. The actor who is said to be about 67 years old now, has never been married. Victoria is actually his third fiancee. After losing his second fiancee in 2011, he had vowed never to make an attempt at marriage any more. But on meeting Victoria, it became apparent he has changed his mind.

Victoria Lebene Mekpa on her own part, is a Ghanaian actress said to be 27 years old. She has not been so much in the limelight, if not for the popularity she has been enjoying as Adjorlolo’s wife-to-be. Being an upcoming actress, she once revealed that her relationship with Kofi who has been in the field has helped her a lot in her career.

Some of the movies she has starred in include; “Ultimate Story”, “Trapped in a Cage”, “The Storm” and “After the Sunset”. Aside being an actress, Victoria is also the host of the Celebrity Delivery show on Viasat 1.

The Age Controversy

Since after Kofi Adjorlolo and Victoria Mekpa’s relationship went public, the couple have been receiving massive criticisms owing to their very wide age difference which is about 4 decades apart. Many have been chiding Victoria for falling in love with a man who is not only old enough to be, but may even be older than her father.

However, all the age brouhaha by the public has been falling on deaf ears as the duo have made a nonsense of it and gone ahead with their love affair. For Victoria, age is just a number, and for Kofi, he has found fresh love!

Counsellor Lutterodt’s Backlash

Still on the age issue, renowned Ghanaian counsellor, Reverend George Lutterodt slammed Victoria Mekpa for dating Kofi Adjorlolo, accusing her of trying to kill the actor. In a video that went viral late last year, the counsellor who is popular for his always controversial counsels is seen lashing out at Miss Mekpa, while vowing that he will deal with her if she ever marries Mr. Adjorlolo.

See video below:

Now, after all said and done, the long debated age difference has turned out to be the dividing wall between the lovebirds who were seriously planning towards tying the knot soon.

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