“I Don’t Care About the Wide Age Difference Between Kofi Adjorlolo and Myself” – Wife-To-Be Claims

Kofi Adjorlolo’s wife-to-be who has been in the news in recent times has said that the wide age difference between her and her fiance does not matter at all. According to the Ghanaian actress, ‘age is just a number’.

Mind you, Kofi Adjorlolo is in his late 60’s while Victoria Lebene Mekpa, his fiancee is in her late 20’s. However, the upcoming actress has said the age difference has posed no problem to their romantic relationship.

“Age has never been an issue, and that is the message we want to send across. We want to let people know and understand that love knows no boundaries and age is just a number.”

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Recounting how she met Kofi, Adjorlolo’s wife-to-be said she first met him on set on a particular day she was late to rehearsals. According to her, they met on the same occasions subsequently, and a relationship sparked off between them.

“The first time we met was on a film set. Unfortunately for me, I was very late and Kofi wasted no time in condemning that in front of everyone. I realised I was the one at fault and from that time, I knew I had to act professionally and comport myself on set.

“We met again on the sets of other movies and we began talking. We had respect for each other despite the age difference and the love grew from there.”

The Ghanaian actress also known as Vicky Minash narrated how her relationship with Kofi has gone a long way to help her improve in her acting career.

“He has been an actor for many years and provides important tips for me when we are on set. Such tips and directions have gone a long way to make me a better actress.” 

About Kofi Adjorlolo’s Wife-To-Be

Victoria Lebene Mekpa is a Ghanaian actress. Although she is not very popular aside the recent attention she’s been getting as Adjorlolo’s wife-to-be, Victoria has been able to make some marks still in the Ghana Movie Industry. Some of the films she has stared in include “Ultimate Story”, “Trapped in a Cage”, “The Storm” and “After the Sunset”. Victoria took part in the 2014 Next Movie Star reality show in Nigeria as one of Ghana’s representatives. She is also the host of the Celebrity Delivery show on Viasat 1.

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Victoria Mekpa is the third Adjorlolo’s wife-to-be. Kofi Adjorlolo who is a popular Nollywood and Ghallywood actor lost his second fiancee in 2011. After that, he vowed never to make an attempt at marriage any more. But on meeting Victoria Mekpa, its obvious he has changed his mind.

The love-birds are planning to get wedded in December, and according to Victoria, she already has everything well mapped out, including the type of wedding gown she will use for the occasion.