Well Deserved! Kofi Boakye Now Commissioner of Police

Its indeed a well deserved honour for the no-nonsense DCOP Kofi Boakye, who has recently been promoted by President John Dramani Mahama. The Ashanti Regional Police Commander was yesterday [Monday], promoted to the rank of Commissioner of Police (COP).

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The Police Administration had released a statement yesterday announcing his honourable promotion. His promotion took effect from June 1 2016, according to the police statement. The outspoken Commander would now be addressed as Commissioner of Police (COP) Nathan Kofi Boakye.

Kofi Boakye is well known in the country for his impartial and objective approach in handling cases. He is also well respected for his role in tracking down so many notorious armed robbers, including the very dangerous ones. One of his epic achievements is the significant role he played during the time of Ayi Ayittey, popularly called Ataa Ayii in 2005, which led to the arrest of the then most wanted criminal.

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COP Boakye took over from DCOP Augustine Gyening in 2014, as the Ashanti Regional Police boss. His last promotion was in August 2012, when he was promoted from the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) to Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP). He is a lawyer by profession who graduated top of his class in Criminal Law and Civil Family Law. The now COP can be said to have given a face lift to the police service since his assumption as the Ashanti Regional Police Commander through his relentless and outstanding approach in fighting high crimes.

It could be recalled that there had been complaints from individuals and groups who accused the COP of favoritism against the ruling National Democratic Party (NDC). But the COP had stressed that he maintains professionalism in carrying out his work, and would not be influenced by cheap allegations from people who might want to tarnish his image.

As we can see, government does not agree with his critics. The fearless officer has been placed on a high pedestal, to continue his patriotic service to the nation.