Video: Konadu Rawlings Lambastes Current NDC Administration Over High Electricity Tariff

Ghana’s Electricity Situation has continued to worsen by the day. Despite all the cries and complaints coming from Ghanaians, and all the promises coming from the side of the government, everything seems to remain just as it has been.

Now, the flag bearer of the National Democratic Party (NDP), Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, descends heavily on President Mahama and the current NDC administration as a whole, over the serious challenges facing the people, especially that of Ghana’s Electricity Situation, which they have failed to proffer solutions to.

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The NDP presidential candidate took to her Facebook page to lament the country’s worrisome condition in a video. In her lament, Nana Konadu cited Ghana’s Electricity Situation which has become a great issue of concern, unreasonably high taxation on businesses as well as other harsh economic conditions. For her, these instances are just enough to prove the President’s lack of the necessary leadership skills required of him to make the country a better place. She therefore, emphatically urged Ghanaians to vote President Mahama and the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) out of power come November elections.

“Things are so tough and it’s not making it easy for people to survive in this economy. Take a look at the electricity situation. How can we live in a country where electricity is higher than the rent that you are paying? How can electricity be higher than water and everything else put together? How can electricity be higher than your salary that you receive per month? It is unacceptable.”

“I’m looking at a situation where we can change it and change it for good. The electricity situation is being toyed with by the government. The very government that created this problem is telling us that they are actually worried about the situation that electricity is putting us in. Electricity creates industry, and creates a life for human beings and a livelihood for everybody in the country, whether it is education, health or recreation, everything depends on electricity and water.”

“So if a government actually sits back and creates a problem where we can see clearly that it is their inefficiency and their incompetence that is leading us to this situation, and then turns round and tell us that they are worried, it should make us very worried having this kind of government in office.”

“If we do not deal with electricity which has a spiral effect on everything else, there is no way our economy is going anywhere. We have to solve this and solve it fast,” she noted.

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She also chastised government over the ECG meters which are reportedly faulty, hence, over billing the people.

“How do you get somebody who has no clue about what kind of meters to bring into the country to bring faulty prepaid meters and force them on Ghanaians? This is unacceptable. For me on just this alone, we must vote NDC out. Ghanaians vote them out,” she stressed.

Hear her yourself in the video below: