Hot Ultimatum! Sarkodie To Pay GHc2m, Retract Jennifer Lomotey Lyrics Or Face Lawsuit From Krobos

According to Lawyers for the Krobo Advocacy and Heritage Association, Sarkodie will face a lawsuit on failure to respond to the group’s demands on or before Wednesday June 14, 2017.

World renowned Ghanaian rapper, Michael Owusu Addo, popularly known as Sarkodie has come under intense criticism following the release of “Jennifer Lomotey” a song by Kurl Songx, winner of the 2016 MTN hit-maker show.

The song which featured Sarkodie has been described as demeaning to the Krobo tribe as Sarkodie describes Jennifer Lomotey, a character in the song as a Krobo lady who is good in bed because she has been cursed by Okomfo Anokye with ‘promiscuity.’

A line in the song attributed to Sarkodie goes this way: “Krɔbɔ nii baa papa a ahweneɛ da ne sisi. Ɔkɔmfo Anɔkye de adwaman no abɔ ne dua”, which literally means “A good Krobo lady with beads around her waist cursed by Okomfo Anokye with promiscuity”.

The Krobos have seriously frowned at the song, demanding that Sarkodie be adequately sanctioned for using his music to tarnish the image of their women.

A civic group, Kloma Hengme, The Krobo Advocacy and Heritage Association whose mission is to protect the values of the Krobos, has particularly taken up the matter, calling on the BET Award winner to pacify the defamed tribe.

In a statement signed by the group’s Women Organizer, Esther Maseyo Azu, they described Sarkodie’s action as ”deliberate”, “calculated” and “unacceptable”.

The group harshly condemned the lyrics, expressing their displeasure and disappointment in Sarkodie, considering that he is “an artiste of such international stature”. They also stressed that the rapper will regret making mockery of and publicly denigrating the image of the Krobo woman.

Kwadkwo Apiegyei-Atua, lawyer for the group has written to Sarkodie, listing six conditions that he must meet to have the Krobos pacified. The reliefs are listed below as demanded by Kloma Hengme, The Krobo advocacy and Heritage Association.

1. Issue an immediate order to the relevant media houses asking them to halt playing the “Jennifer Lomotey” song on their airwaves;

2. Expunge or cause to be expunged the portion of the lyrics which my clients find offensive and defamatory or completely ban the use of that song from the airwaves;

3. Expunge or cause to be expunged all audio and video clips of the song which are found on various social media platforms that are registered in your name;

4. Write an unreserved apology to the Chiefs and people of the Krobo Traditional Area, including a statement to the effect that such an offensive act will not be repeated against the Krobo people;

5. Make a statement to the general public advising them to desist from transferring or sharing the song which contains the offensive lyrics with anybody else; and,

6. For denting the image of the Krobo people and dragging their hardearned reputation in the mud, pay a compensation of two million Ghana cedis (GHS2, 000,000) to the Krobo people.

According to Lawyers for the group, Sarkodie will face a lawsuit on failure to respond to the demands on or before Wednesday June 14, 2017.

As the deadline has come and gone, all ears are wide open to hear the next line of action by the group against the SarkNation CEO.

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The Okomfo Anokye Myth

Okomfo Anokye is great priest of the Ashanti Kingdom who lived in the 1600s. A popular myth has it that some Krobo girls were cursed by Okomfo Anokye with promiscuity for viewing his nakedness while he was bathing by the riverside.

Listen to the Jennifer Lomotey track below.