Be Innovative, Don’t Just Wait for Job Opportunities – Kufuor to Unemployed Youth

Kufuor advises unemployed youth to think outside the box and devise other means to survive…

Former President, John Agyekum Kufuor has advised unemployed graduates not to depend on government for  better livelihood. The former President has asked the youth of the country to devise innovative measures of generating income, rather than relying on government for job opportunities.

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Kufuor said this and more while speaking at a programme dubbed “A Conversation on Leadership and the Future of Africa”. The former President at the event, said that the growing demand for job opportunities by young graduates has led to scarcity of office employment opportunities.

Speaking further, Kufuor advises unemployed youth to think outside the box and devise other means to survive. He said that Ghanaians should not believe in the norm that once a person is done with school, he gets a job immediately. He emphasized that there is the need to be innovative among the youths.

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You have finished, you are a graduate but if you do not get employment opportunities don’t sit and put your hands here like we say in traditional parlance, he said.

The former President said that instead of looking for jobs that may not be there, graduates should think of other lucrative things they can do. He pointed out that there is the tendency of losing one’s self dignity when he becomes idle. He explained that office employment is getting scarcer by the day in the country, but that one can look for other things to get busy with, before the so called office jobs come.

A survey by the Institute of Economic Affairs, (IEA) revealed that majority of Ghanaians in Western, Eastern and Central regions identified unemployment as their biggest problem in the country. The survey, conducted between November and December, 2015, sampled 1,500 respondents from across the ten regions of Ghana, who were 18 years of age, and above.

President Mahama during his campaign tour of the Central region, promised to provide jobs through the National Youth Employment Programme (NYEP) for about 400,000 Ghanaians in 2017.