After Reading This, You’ll Be Left to Wonder Why Many MPs Still Seek Re-election!

Francisca Oteng-Mensah, the new Kwabre East MP complains about the financial pressure mounted on MP’s by their constituents

A new MP in Parliament, Francisca Oteng-Mensah, has revealed some of the challenges MPs face, in trying to meet the demands of constituents. The MP for Kwabre East who happens to be the youngest in parliament, has revealed that though she is yet to receive her first salary as an MP, her constituents expect some personal creativity from her, as far as their financial needs as concerned.

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The new Kwabre East MP complains about the financial pressure mounted on MP’s by their constituents. Fransisca who won with more than 71,000 votes – the highest in the country, says that despite her young age, her constituents are already making excessive demands like school fees, jobs, and so on.

The young MP is yet to receive her first salary, but she said she has received numerous complaints and demands from her constituents, whom she says have no idea how challenging the life of an MP is. Francisca Oteng-Mensah, has lamented on the fact that the political class has been stereotyped as a far more comfortable class.

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Francisca’s complaint is just one out of the endless lamentations by MPs in the country, regarding the same issue. There have been several complaints form different parliamentarians concerning their constituents’ failure to understand the huge difference between the stereotyped life of MPs, and their actual life challenges.

MP for Ablekuma West, Ursula Owusu-Ekufful in one of her interviews had lamented on the same issue. Ursula Owusu had said that as a parliamentarian, one is compelled to go around “begging and borrowing”, as a result of the endless demands from constituents for basic needs.

She has also said during an interaction, that some MPs were much better off when they were in private life than public life. She has described being in Parliament as a sacrifice to the nation.

This then makes one wonder why many MPs are not ready to lose a re-election bid, despite the untold pressures. There’s certainly a puzzle to be solved!