Kwame A Plus Calls Those Who Pay Tithes In Churches Fools

Kwame A Plus blasts tithe payers calling them fools who allow church manipulate them…

Church of today has become a very lucrative business that people go into religious lives due to the financial benefits attached. Musician Kwame Asare Obeng popularly known in showbiz as A Plus has descended heavily on churches for devising techniques to take money from their ignorant members through unfair means.

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According to the controversial musician, churches in Ghana have become money making ventures where Pastors “deceive” their followers and congregants in order to receive monies from them.

The Musician/activist wonders why church members will pay their tithe and the same money will be used to establish Universities but will be disallowed from writing exams in these same institutions when they are unable to pay their school fees.

The musician in a very long Facebook post vented his frustration over the situation which he says is part of the factors impeding social and economic development in the country. According to him, 99 percent of churches have become money making venture. A Plus used churches International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) and Action Chapel as his points of contacts.

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Making reference to the aforementioned churches, A Plus said that they (the churches) have come to understand the mindset of the elite/literate and have come up with strategies to take from them. They use these strategies to extort money from congregants who live in poverty and who would believe anything said by their pastors or prophets to come out of it.

Bishop Obinim he said, goes for these poor masses who are easily deceived. These prophets he said to take advantage of the backwardness of their congregants and turn them into givers but never receivers.

Kwame A Plus Blasts Tithe Payers

The ace musician went further to blast church goers who pay tithes to their pastors. In giving clarity to his beliefs and disbelieves, the NPP sympathizer indicated that he believes in the existence of God who created man but stressed that this belief has nothing to do with religion.

A Plus was reacting to an article that claimed he does not believe in the existence of God. The artist said that “Not being religious is totally different from not believing in God”

A Plus believes in the existence of God, however, the political activist is against the idolization of individuals in the name of religion.

As for me, I am not religious. Religion to me is the worse thing that happened to the world but There is A God!!!.”