Kwesi Nyantakyi: Ghana FA Boss and FIFA Exco Resists Calls for Resignation

The just concluded CAF elections which saw the defeat of longest serving president, Issah Hayatou has opened the eyes of Ghana Football Association (GFA) president, Kwesi Nyantakyi to a huge lesson. According to the FA boss, he has learnt a huge lesson from Hayatou’s ousting in the recent CAF elections and will relinquish his Ghana FA position when the time is due.

This year’s election which saw a tough tussle for presidency between Cameroun’s Issa Hayatou and Madagascar’s Ahmad Ahmad -now incumbent, ended with a seeming ousting of the 70-year-old Camerounian; who had ruled for 29 years.  The Madagascan polled 34 votes while Hayatou secured 20 votes in the elections.

Owing to the manner with which Issa Hayatou left his CAF presidential seat, long serving FA boss Kwesi Nyantakyi, has said he does not need to be pushed out as president of the GFA. Nyantakyi says he will relinquish his Ghana FA position when the time is due.

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The CAF elections which also saw Nyantakyi’s win as member of FIFA Executive council; was said to be Issa Hayatou’s toughest challenge. The Camerounian who headed CAF since 1988 had his fan base on a drastic decline, following a tilt of attention towards a new favorite in the house -Ahama Ahamad. Ahmad, head of Madagascar FA was said to have picked up key votes with his charismatic calls for change, against Hayatou.

It had become very glaring among stakeholders at CAF and across the globe, that Hayatou was no longer wanted at the presidency. This notion also led to rumours of resignation by the ousted leader, even if he won the elections.

Nyantaki Talks Lessons Learnt From Issa Hayatou’s Defeat

Abreast with the dynamic developments at CAF elections, Kwesi Nyantyaki has said that everyone in any leadership position of a kind, must learn from the defeat of the former president of CAF Issa Hayatou. The FA boss said this while speaking to a press after he returned from the elections in  Ethiopia:

A time will come that you have to move. If you don’t move on you, will be moved away; all of us including me, he said.

The FA boss said he will voluntarily relinquish his position at Ghana FA when the time is due. This is with regards to the looming calls for his resignation by some stakeholders. Despite such calls, Kwesi Nyantakyi has said he is not ready to vacate his position as Ghana Football Association president.

Calls for Nyantakyi’s Resignation

Kwesi Nyantakyi was elected as GFA president in 2005, succeeding Nyaho-Nyaho Tamakloe, and currently serving his third term in office which runs until 2019. His reign at Ghana FA has in recent times been met with criticisms from football stakeholders who are asking for more, with regards to excellence and stability in Ghana football.

This is with respect to the Black Stars’ saggy performance at the just ended African Cup of Nations (AFCON), as well as the ongoing 2018 World Cup qualifier. These unwelcome developments which formed the basic motive behind the resignation of former Black Stars coach Avram Grant, has also attracted criticisms against the GFA boss from a section of Ghanaians.

Many have blamed the 47-year-old for the delay to the start of 2017 Ghana Premier League season, due to litigations among clubs over ‘unfair judicial verdicts’. But the FA boss who is yet to complete his third tenure, has disregarded the tons of hate comments against him concerning Ghana football.

Earlier in January, the FA boss while interacting with Neat FM said he would only resign when the time is right. Nyantakyi who says he has done no wrong, told his haters to allow the delegates who voted him into power in 2016, to decide when his third term ends in 2019. He also also challenged those who believe he is corrupt to face him in a debate.

While the so called haters are hoping for a “Hayatou kind of exit” for the FA boss at national level; the 47-year-old continues to clench unto his seat as the head of Ghana Football Association.

Nyantaki Joins FIFA Council

Kwesi Nyantakyi was elected as a member of the FIFA Executive council at the CAF 39th Ordinary General Assembly at the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa on Thursday, March 16.  He will serve from 2017 to 2021 for his first term and will be joined by Tarek Bouchamou, Almamy Camar, Lydia Nsekera and Constant Omari on the FIFA council.