7 Tall And Handsome Ghanaian Celebrities Ladies Are Dying For

Every lady will always tell you she wants a tall guy. Nobody wants a short fellow. Now, what do you think happens when a guy is tall and as well handsome, then…rich? Ladies fall head-over-heels in love with him that he needs to be running for his dear life every moment of his life!

This is exactly the case of these Ghanaian celebs. And to crown it all they are public figures. Sometimes, I use to wonder if they never get tired of smiling and waving at ladies. See these Ghanaian stars with exceptional height and good looks: 

1. John Dumelo


He’s mind blowing, huh?

2. KKD


Age is never a factor here. Not so young but is still very cute.

3. James Gardener


So so sweet and handsome.

4. Chris Attoh

He’s got the smartness and attraction.

5. Lexis Bill


Bill is just cool and cute.

6. Adjetey Annan


Looks so manly and maybe ‘naughty’ too…a lot of ladies love that!

7. Eddie Watson


He’s got what every woman wants, physique-wise.

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