Prayer Camps

Africans generally love religion and hold tenaciously to the belief in the supreme power of God. It is on this note that we see religious places like prayer camps booming.

Ghana is a country where witchcraft, mental illnesses and other mysterious spiritual problems are prevalent. People are forever seeking solutions to their problems directly from the supreme being whom they believe is present in these mighty prayer assemblies. Meanwhile, a prayer camp is a place mapped out specifically for people to come and pray to God, especially when they are faced with serious problems. Prayers are usually accompanied by fasting and reading portions from the scriptures. Here, we bring you the 7 most booming prayer camps in Ghana at the moment:

1. MOGPA (Rev. Osei Bonsu) – Ghana’s Prayer Camps

mogpa church

MOGPA which can be located in Kumasi came into existence about 4 years ago. It has been growing by leaps and bounds and has overthrown some of the major prayer camps in the country with a huge patronage by people all over the place. Approaching the venue, you will notice conspicuous posters of both future and past conventions of the ministry respectively. It is actually attracting the highest population of worshipers because of the wonders that are performed right there.

2. Mount Horeb (Rev. Paul Nii Okai)

Mount Horeb belongs to Mount Horeb Victorious Church International. According to Prophet Okai’s wife, Rev. Betty Okai, people with mental illnesses voluntarily come to Mount Horeb because “they believe that the power of God can work more than medicine.” The treatment at Mount Horeb, Rev. Okai says, is Bible reading, fasting, and prayer “in the healing name and blood of Jesus.” With the name alone, there should be no doubt that the bush can burn without being consumed right there.

3. Hebron Prayer Camp (Elder Donkor)


It used to be the prayer camp of the Church of Pentecost before they disassociated themselves from it. Hebron prayer camp now hosts up to 10,000 people and has their stickers all over town. As the name implies, it is a place or extraordinary experiences.

4. Abasua Prayer Camp


This is the mountain of God. It is one of the popular prayer mountains in Ghana and Africa. Thousands of people go up the mountain each year to pray. The Abasua Prayer Centre was established by the Methodist church some years ago, specifically, when a Local Methodist Pastor, Abraham Osei-Asibey first went up the mountain to pray. It was meant to serve as a reference point of spiritual renewal and awakening for members and non-members of the church. Things are really happening there.

5. Bethel Prayer Camp


This is likely one of the few prayer assemblies you will visit in Ghana with more men than women. I guess it is because the leader is a woman. It is located in Kumasi. Their powerful prayer sessions and healing abilities has drawn so much crowd to the camp. It is always an awesome experience at the Bethel Prayer Camp.

6. Achimota Forest


It is one of the oldest prayer camps in the country and can be located in Accra at the Achimota Forest Reserve. It hosts thousands of individuals and have birthed most of the prominent men of God in the country.

 7. Resurrection Power New Generation Church Prayer Camp


Founded by Anthony Kwadwo Boakye, is one of the leading prayer houses in Ghana now with thousands of members and mega conventions organized across the country. Though it’s almost a church now, their main theme remains “prayers and healing”.

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So if you are still looking for that special miracle, why don’t you make your way to any of these wonderlands and get instantly delivered by supernatural powers?