Captain Mahama’s Murder: Enraged Military Demand To Take Over Investigations

Military men of the Ghana Armed Forces who are currently nursing the pain and fury of the brutal killing of their colleague, Late Captain Mahama, are completely not satisfied with the way the Ghana Police Service is handling investigations into the heinous act. They are therefore demanding that the Military Police be allowed to take over the investigations, as well as avenge the careless death of their fellow serviceman.

Commotion erupted at a meeting organised by the Chief of Defence (CDS), Lt General Obed Akwa with the soldiers at Burma Camp in Accra on Thursday, 1st June, as the military men who are filled with wrath registered their deep impatience and dissatisfaction over the proceedings of investigation under the watch of the civilian police. The Chief of Defence really had a tough time calming the soldiers down.

Their fury was mostly fueled by the graphic video of the killing which has been circulating on the internet. For them, the video serves as a sufficient evidence to grab and deal with the miscreants. Expressing the opinion of many others, one of the soldiers pointed out that the Military Police should be the one to investigate matters as serious as the one on hand.

“We have military police. It is not in every instance that we allow the civilian police to be telling us about evidence. You have seen something clearly and you are telling me about evidence. What more evidence do you want from this? The Ghana Armed Forces has the military police. We can handle our things. It is not everything that you take to the civil police,” the soldier emphasized.

He was supported by another officer who suggested the army abandon the fight against illegal mining across the country for the police to take over, since the lives of their colleagues on that assignment are now in danger.

Captain Mahama’s Killing

It is still as fresh as a knife cut in the hearts of Ghanaians, that Captain Maxwell Adams Mahama, an officer of the 5th Infantry Battalion, was gruesomely murdered by some residents of Diaso, in Upper Denkyira West District of the Central Region, after claiming to have mistaken him for an armed robber.

The innocent soldier who was armed, but in civilian clothes while on his morning jogging routine in the area was attacked, disarmed, beaten, stoned to death and burnt by the ruthless Diaso savages on Monday, 29th May. 2017. So far, only 14 suspects are in police custody in connection with the act, with 7 arraigned in court.

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Late Captain Mahama left the young family you see below to mourn his heartbreaking death.

Captain Maxwell Mahama
Late Captain Mahama

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