Late Major Maxwell Mahama Finally Laid To Rest; See How It Went Down [With Photos]

Today, Friday, the 9th of June, 2017, is really a black day in Ghana as slain military officer, late Major Maxwell Mahama was laid to rest in his final home.

Major Maxwell Adam Mahama was given a state burial, completely carried out following military procedures. The funeral service was held at the forecourt of the state house, with interment following at the Osu Military Cemetery which is just a walk away from the sate house.

Over 200 soldiers lined up the streets leading to the State House and the Osu Military Cemetery.

Part 1

Late major Maxwell Mahama was laid in state at the forecourt of the state house in the early hours of the day. Owing to the circumstances of his death, the fallen soldier’s remains was not opened for public view.

Mourners who were all bowed in grief only had to file past the well decorated casket draped in the national flag, with his sword and cap placed on top.

It was all weeping and wailing from all corners throughout the sorrow-laden ceremony.

Military clergymen officiated at the first part of the funeral which comprised series of prayers for the deceased, for the bereaved family and for the nation.

Biography of the Late Major Maxwell Mahama was read, followed by several tributes by members of the family – The father, mother, widow and children.

Late Mahama’s father, retired Captain Dennis Mahama Adam could not hold back his tears as he broke down just few lines into reading his tribute. The tribute was completed by another family member while the heartbroken father wept beside.

As for Maxwell’s mum, she was too distraught to read hers; another read on her behalf while she nodded along full of grief, being consoled by her second son, Michael Mahama. Click here to read her tribute.

To the greatest consolation of many, Barabara, Mahama’s widow, stepped forward with exceptional courage and bravery, to read out her tribute, as well as that of her children to their late husband and father.

But the haste with which she read them out, broke the heart of people as loud wailing continued coming from various angles of the funeral venue throughout her reading. Howbeit, there was a clapping ovation when she finished successfully without breaking down.

Founder of the Lighthouse Chapel International, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills gave a sermon to remind the gathering that ‘all dead people are alive’. He says a man’s soul must choose heaven and hell and urges the attentive mourners to consider thier new address in 50 years’ time.

After all other necessary observations, it was time to lay the wreaths.

Government of Ghana represented by Vice-President Mahamudu Bawumia laid a wreath. The Army followed with theirs, and then former President Mahama laid a wreath for the family.

Finally, Barbara, the widowed wife of Maxwell, laid hers. She spends a moment of grief at her husband’s casket.

The first part of the funeral service was ended with a prayer from archbishop Palmer-Buckle.

Part II

The casket was lifted into the ambulance in the most respected military tradition. A slow procession was taken to the Osu Military Cemetery, the final resting place of Late Major Maxwell Mahama, with high profile military officials accompanying the casket.

At the cemetery, the national flag with which Late Maxwell Adam Mahama’s coffin was draped, his sword and cap were ceremoniously presented to his younger brother, Micheal Mahama by the military for keeps.

A vote of thanks was given by the family’s spokesperson.

The slain soldier was finally lowered down to his grave amidst heart-wrenching weepings of his mother.

A thanksgiving service is slated for the Lighthouse Chapel International, North Kaneshie, at 10.30 a.m.on Sunday, June 11

Final funeral rites will be held again at Bole from June 13 to June 15 and Tumu from June 16 to June 18.

May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.