Legal Practitioner Files Petition Against Justice Adjei On Allegations Of Bribery

This goes to prove that speculations of bribery in the judiciary are not out of the blues. President Mahama has received a petition from I.B Akwantey to remove Justice Dennis Dominic Adjei from office on terms of bribery. As it appears, IB Akwantey is following due protocol in his pursuit for justice. This is so because according to Article 146 (3) of the 1992 Constitution,

“If the President receives a petition for the removal of Justices of a Superior Court other than the. Chief Justice or for the removal of the Chairman of a Regional Tribunal, he shall refer the petition to the Chief Justice, who shall determine whether there is a prima facie case.”

The petition alleges that Justice Adjei has been collecting bribes from lawyers in order for them to get promotion or to travel abroad for studies. Akwantey buttressed his petition by recalling several occasions where the judge has practiced what Akwantey has alleged him to do. He said that on a particular occasion, the Judge collected a sum of GHC2000 from Judge Osei who is a circuit court judge to include him in the list of Judges to receive promotion.

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Akwantey who is a private legal practitioner continued in his petition that, Justice Dennis Dominic Adjei told Judge Osei that he had concluded the compilation of the pending list, and said that Judge Kwame Osei Gyamfi of Goaso Circuit had also been added to the list. Asking him (Judge Osei) to go see the Justice whom he described as the ‘Chief of Staff’ at the Chief Justice Secretariat, after he had collected money from him.

“Justice Adjei is reported to have described Judge Bentil as the ‘Chief of Staff’ at the Chief Justice Secretariat” in his petition.

Justice Adjei was said to have collected an amount of GHC 4000 from Bentil, which was why he was named Chief of Staff by Justice Adjei. The petitioner Akwantey expressed bis bitterness over the discrimination these allegations prove in the judiciary

“Judge Benjamin Osei had worked with the judiciary for 18 years without blemish but he is still a Circuit Court Judge. He, therefore, decided to put the two big men at the Chief Justice Secretariat to test, and it proved positive,” I.B. Akwantey stated in his petition.

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He went ahead to say that the Circuit Court judge Osei is ready to testify against Justice Adjei and narrate the story of the incident. The Chief Justice of the nation Georgina Theodora Wood is really in for some drama with the emergence of this petition.