Cut Down on University Students Intake Looming as Government Refuses to Lift Employment Ban

The University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG), has warned that they are being pushed by the government to compel universities to reduce their students intake soon. This is as a result of the government being adamant to their appeal to lift employment ban which has been in place for almost three years now.

According to the Association, the ban on employment has been a great limitation to the quality of education being delivered by the universities. This is because, the schools are handicapped as regards the replacement of lecturers who for one reason or the other are no longer in the institutions. UTAG has therefore challenged the government to lift employment ban or risk a cut down on the intake of students into various universities.

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Speaking on Citi News, the UTAG President, Dr. Harry Agbanu said they are giving the government from now till the beginning of the 2016/17 academic year to lift the ban or intake of students will be slashed.

“If by the beginning of the next academic year, the ban is not lifted to allow the universities to recruit the required number of staff that they need to effectively operate, we will insist that the number of students be cut down. If that is what governments want, that public universities should admit only a few students, then that is what is going to happen because we can’t continue to kill ourselves.”

Payment of Book and Research Allowance

Dr Agbanu also lamented that there has always been a delay in the payment of book and research allowance to the lecturers. He therefore appealed to the government to see how they could streamline the processes for paying the book and research allowance to ensure faster delivery.