“Mahama’s Detractors Shall Be Put To Shame By His Legacy” – Lordina on Bungalow Saga

Lordina backs Mahama amid the massive criticisms against him regarding his request to keep state property

Former First Lady Lordina Mahama, has clapped back at persons accusing her husband of unlawfully trying to keep state property after his term in office expired.

Mahama has come under severe criticisms and mockery, following reports that he requested to keep his official residence after losing the December 2016 elections.

After losing to President Nana Addo in the elections, it was expected that Mahama will vacate his place of residence; Bungalow No.3, Prestige Link Cantonements Accra. But controversy ensued when it was reported that the defeated President requested to keep his residence – now official residence of the Vice President, as his retirement home.

Mahama through a letter signed by former Chief of Staff, Julius Debrah dated 19th December 2016, informed the new government that he has the desire to keep the Presidential residence as his retirement home. He also made a request for some adjoining facilities to be given to him as his office.

Mahama’s request however caused a public uproar, with many Ghanaians accusing him of ‘coveteously’ trying to acquire more than what has been approved for him by the state.

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Seeing the escalating controversy surrounding his request, the ex President decided to put an end to the drama. In a subsequent letter addressed to President Akufo-Addo and copied to the Asantehene on Wednesday [January 11], Mahama withdrew his request to keep the bungalow as well as use of another property as his office. The ex-president in the letter, said it was important to maintain the cordial relationship between the two transition teams.

Defending her husband in a tweet, former First Lady, Lordina backs Mahama, describing him as “a man of integrity & principle”.

“This too shall pass. Their efforts shall fall flat because you are a man of integrity & principle. They shall be put to shame by #MahamaLegacy,” she tweeted.

The former First Lady who has always had her husband’s back; assured that the Bungalow saga like every other bloated scandal, will pass.