Luckie Lawson – 10 Quick Facts About Her

Luckie Lawson is one of most popular Ghanaian actresses. This popularity is in sharp contrast with what the internet has on her. There is very scanty information regarding her life and she is not helping by developing silence is golden attitude. Her stardom has been punctuated with a number of vicissitudes as well as controversies. If you love her movies or just want to know more about her then you are in the best place. Here are some 10 quick facts about Luckie Lawson that might interest you.

10 Lesser Known Facts About Luckie Lawson 

1. Started off as a businesswoman

Most established Ghanaian actresses started off by auditioning for opportunities to act in other movies, they get rooted and then they make investment. For Luckie Lawson, the situation was opposite. She started as a businesswoman with investment in the hospitality industry. She invested in a restaurant, which was doing well. What pushed her to acting was her love for the big screen.

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 2. She is both an actress as well as a movie Producer

Luckie Lawson 3

After deciding that she was fit for the big screen, Lawson took up a career in acting and played an active role in a number of interesting Ghanaian films such as Efia and Friends, College Girls, Familiar Stranger and others. Later however, Luckie delved into producing her own movies, which finally culminated into her producing her first reality show entitled Beyond Beauty released in 2013.