Proudly Made in Ghana! 7 Photos of Nana Addo that Speak Volume about Local Products Patronage

Promoting made in Ghana…

President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo used to be the corporate wear man, always appearing in suits. But the President was compelled to switch his love for English wears following criticisms directed at him after he assumed office as President earlier this year; and the result has been elegantly amazing!

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In fact, had Nana Addo known that he will look far better and so cute in African prints, he would have made them his first love.

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Not only do the African print outfits look nice on him, they speak volumes about patronizing locally made goods. In addition, it sells Ghana to the world, seeing that Mr. President not only wears them to local gatherings.

Nana now rocks African prints, exactly the same way he had voraciously sucked on the the Kalyppo juice back in those crazy 2016 campaign days, in the name of promoting made in Ghana!

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Checkout these 7 photos – some of the best so far out of the many times President Nana Addo killed it in African print shirts:

President Nana Addo speaking at the 2017 National Policy Summit.

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It’s contagious! Nana flanked by government officials also spotting the print thing!

Nana Addo's media encounter; founders day

Mr. President during a recent encounter with the media…African print all da way!

Even when every other person went English, Nana clung to his new found love – da local prints! At the President’s 73rd birthday party breakfast in his home.

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Isn’t this beautiful? Isn’t it lovely too??

made in Ghana