At a Time Like This, Mahama Should Be Appealing to Ghanaians – Kwaku Kwarteng

Member of Parliament for Obuasi West, Kwaku Kwarteng has reacted to President John Mahama’s sugeestion that Ghanaians are not feeling the economic developments under his government because they lack the appropriate skills to tap into it.

Following President John Mahama’s claims that he does not have to go about distributing cash to Ghanaians, MP for Obuasi West, Kwaku Kwarteng, has said the President should rather be pleading with Ghanaians for the hardship evidently inflicted on them by the economy.

President Mahama in an interview with Star FM Thursday claimed that his government has brought about tremendous economic growth in the country. This he said, has created numerous opportunities that are supposed to put money into the pockets of the people only if they use them well.

We would recall that earlier in the year, the President had admitted the current challenges facing Ghanaians economically, urging them to be patient as the hard times are sacrifices we all have to make for a better and sustainable economy. Then, he urged Ghanaians to be patient with him and vote him, saying that he’ll put money in their pockets in his second term.

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Now, Mahama’s current assertions are totally denying the fact that the economy has been unfavourable. By implication, he is blaming the citizens lack of skills for their suffering. According to him, government can only improve people’s lives economically if they take advantage of the many opportunities created by the state.

Reacting to the President’s comments, Mr. Kwarteng argued that opportunities have rather been limited under the Mahama administration and that his comments were only a reaction to the realization that his government has under-performed.  According to Mr. Kwarteng,

“The President should rather recognize that the environment has deteriorated sharply from when the NDC took over 8 years ago and they were going to do some things about it. That is the kind of language that will give us some hope.”

He was therefore expecting President Mahama to be pacifying Ghanaians with soothing words such as this:

“We realized that some of our action resulted in some of these things and that it is the reason we have run to the IMF for bailout otherwise the center will not hold. Please bear with me. The wastage and the corruption that has made it impossible to put money in the productive sectors of the economy will stop and things will improve then people can expect that the president understands their pain.”

Mr Kwaku Kwarteng expressed dismay over the Presidents reaction, describing his comments as ones lacking motivation, especially at a time like this. He added that a more humble disposition from him would have motivated Ghanaians and given them hope.