Mahama Has Breached Anti-terrorism Law – Mustapha Hamid Laments

There has been a lot of drama since the issue of Mahama’s acceptance of the two ex gitmo detainees into Ghana. Mahama’s move to host the two ex gitmo detainees has left a lot of apprehension and paranoia among every Tom, Dick, and Harry in Ghana including the clergy. The most recent being that of Mustapha Hamid, a lecturer at the the Department of Religion and Human Values of the University of Cape Coast. He like most others does not agree with Mahama over the transfer of the two Guantanamo Bay ex convicts.

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He expressed this in a recent statement saying that the President’s move to accept the duo breaches the nations anti-terrorism act 762 section 35 which states that: “The director of immigration or an officer authorised by the director shall not grant an endorsement or authority to permit a person to enter this country if there is reasonable ground to suspect that the person is, will or has been involved in the commission of a terrorist act”.

Mustapha Hamid had earlier appeared on Atinka AM Drive on Monday, and equally, he condemned the government’s move saying that even Prostitutes had better bargaining power. He really frowned at the decision of the government to host two ex convicts. His expression described the act as unprofessional, a breach on the social contracts between the citizens and the government, and an unnecessary sympathetic move which is detrimental to the safety of the people.

He like most Ghanaians, is strongly of the opinion that the government should have a re-think on the decision it has made, because even if they (the ex-detainees) seem harmless, it cannot be ruled out that the two are a threat to national security. Mustapha Hamid is also a politician and is currently the Spokesperson for the presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) of Ghana.

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