Vote Out Mahama; He Can’t Help Ghana – Nana Addo

Nana Addo continues to persuade Ghana to see reasons why he should be voted into power come the November Polls 

To achieve this aim, the presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party continues to tell Ghanaians what he has in store for them, especially from the perspective of the incumbent president’s shortcomings.

This time around, he is urging the populace to vote out the president because he cannot help the country. According to him, Mahama do not have a firm promise of raising the country out of the crashing economic conditions it has found itself in presently.

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Nana Akufo-Addo made these statements while speaking at an NPP branch meeting in Paris, Saturday. He pointed out that while some neighbouring countries have witnessed significant economic growth in the last 5 years, Ghana, within the same period, and under the leadership of President Mahama, is going backwards. Using Cote d’Ivoire as an illustration, Nana Addo explained that although the country is coming out of a serious civil war some five or six years ago, it has been transformed into the number one investment destination in Africa as a result of good and strong leadership.

Comparing Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire, he further explained that the later is growing at 9% a year while Ghana is growing at 3.9%. He added that last year, Cote d’Ivoire earned over $12 billion in exports of its agricultural products while Ghana earned $2 billion. Stressing that “John Dramani Mahama cannot help us”, he urged that he be given the opportunity to rule Ghana so as to be able to change these statistics.

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The NPP flag bearer continued to point out areas the ruling NDC has compromised expectations. He said that,“in the 2012 manifesto of the NDC, they promised that over the next four years, i.e. between 2012 and 2016, they were going to grow the economy at an average of 8%. Last year we did 3.9%.”

Also making reference to the 2012 NDC manifesto, which states that “the NDC’s commitment is to increase the contribution of the manufacturing and industrialization sectors to our economic development,” Akufo-Addo pointed out that “last year, the manufacturing sector grew at -1.9%,” whilst “mining grew at -3.18%.”

On education, he again quoted the 2012 NDC manifesto, which promised the construction of “two hundred (200) new Community Day Senior High Schools across the country” by the end of 2016. Up till date, he noted that President Mahama has only been able to commission 5, few months to the end of 2016. Still continuing, Nana Addo said,

When Kufuor was leaving office in 2008, the food import bill for our country was $600 million. Mills and Mahama criticized Kufuor for his performance and they promised to reduce it. Last year, the food import bill of our country was $1.5 billion. We are now importing plantain into Ghana! Agriculture, which in Kufuor’s last year was growing at 7.4%, this last year was 0.04%. These are the facts about Ghana, they are not my inventions. You look at the official and budget statistics, you’ll find it there. The mismanagement (of the economy) is the reason why, today, we are back with the IMF.

NPP Prepared for Victory and Onward Transformation of Ghana

Nana Akufo-Addo also assured party supporters that the NPP’s main focus, under his leadership, will be the revival of Ghana’s industry, manufacturing and agricultural sectors. These he said, will serve as a basis for generating hundreds out of the thousands of jobs required by the teeming masses of unemployed Ghanaian youth. It will also help in returning Ghana onto the path of progress and prosperity.

We are going to change the fortunes of our country, and put it back on the road of prosperity and to progress. Apart from the plan and the programme, we have the human resources, both at home and abroad, amongst you, that can give our country a first class government to be able to lead our country forward. It is not right that in the 21st century our people are still defecating in public. It is not right. We are going to change these facts about Ghana. The mess that is being created in our country, because of the Mahama government’s incompetence, mismanagement and corruption, has to be cleared up. Our party is preparing itself for the big task this year.

He concluded by saying that the victory NPP is expecting in this year’s elections will not be for personal or party interests, but for Ghana as a whole.