I Want A One-on-One Debate With Nana Addo -Mahama Maintains

In an interview with ovation magazine, Mahama challenges Nana Addo, accusing him of running away from a one-on-one debate with him

President John Mahama has renewed calls for a one-on-one debate with the Presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Akufo Addo. According to the President, the debate is an opportunity to face off with the NPP Flagberer, on the series of accusations being levelled against him Mahama) by Nana Addo and his party.

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In an interview with Ovation magazine, Mahama challenges Nana Addo, accusing him of refusing to make himself available for a debate, despite the truck load of accusations and criticisms he and his party have constantly hurled at him.

I have challenged him (Akufo-Addo) to a debate, I have said bring all these points you are raising one by one and let’s have a debate. Let me and you debate to the Ghanaian public about the points you are raising; inflation, infrastructure and things. But he has ran away, he said.

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The NPP Flagbearer on various platforms, has accused the Mahama-led administration of mismanagement of the economy, poor governance among others. Despite Mahama’s warning to Nana Addo not to undermine his achievements, the accusations have continued to roll in. But it is clear the President is truly ready for a face-off with the NPP Flagbearer, in order to publicly respond to the accusations.

Earlier in March 2016, President Mahama had challenged Nana Addo to a debate, as he pushed to debunk the negative remarks made by the NPP Flagbearer; when he (Nana Addo) delivered his own version of the State of The Nation Address (SOTN). He has therefore renewed calls for the debate.

Mahama during the interview said he wants a productive debate on all the contentious issues raised by Akufo Addo, after which Ghanaians can finally decide who their next President will be, come December.