Ghanaians Attack Mzbel Over Her “Mahama Drinks Only Water” Comment

In what appears to be a vent on the ‘Kalyppo Challenge’, Mzbel has said that President Mahama drinks only water and not some sugar solution mixed with Christmas colours.

Hiplife singer popularly known as Mzbel has made a comment on Facebook which everyone has taken to be a reaction to the recently trendy ‘Kalypo Challenge’ by supporters of the New Patriotic Party’s flag bearer, Nana Addo.

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Mzbel has been known to be a vibrant supporter of the National Democratic Congress, (NDC) as well as a strong follower and admirer of Mahama. According to her, the President is conscious of his health and it is for this reason that Mahama drinks only water which gives life. Sharing a photo of President Mahama, Mzbel wrote:

Mahama Drinks Only Water

He cares about his health cos he cares about us, so he only drinks H2O and not sugar solution mixed with some bronya colors lol #WaterisLife.

However, Facebook users have interpreted her comment as a description of the Kalyppo drink as not being good for one’s health. They therefore descended heavily on her with very harsh criticisms, calling her all sorts of names. They also went as far as questioning what is contained in the water flask that Mahama usually sips whenever he is delivering a speech, with many claiming it is a mixture of water and hot drink – whiskey to be precise!

Most of her critiques were of the opinion that even if Mahama drinks all the water in the world, he is never a match to Nana Addo when it come to the issue of health. They argued that whereas Nana Addo can still take Kalyppo which is generally known to be children’s drink at the age of 72, Mzbel will never be able to hit 72 even with the consumption of an entire river. Follow this link to get more of the back lashes Mzbel has so far received for crossing the parts of the “Kalyppo Challengers”.


Since a photo of Nana Addo sipping the drink Kalyppo fruit juice in a car went viral, social media has been abuzz with selfie photos of Kalyppo lovers across the country. The photo which made rounds on social media, was reported to have been aimed at mocking the NPP leader.

Photo of Nana Addo sipping Kalypo
Photo of Nana Addo sipping Kalypo

However the intended reaction to the photo was thwarted, as officials and supporters of the NPP posted photos of themselves doing all sorts of things with Kalyppo, in a show of their support for Nana Addo.