Mugabe’s Fall: Why Zimbabweans Dragged Ghana’s Ex-President Mahama For Hailing Ousted Leader

Mahama Hails Mugabe – Former President of Ghana John Mahama became a topic of discussion among Zimbabweans on social media after he hailed recently resigned President of the country, Robert Mugabe who ruled the country for 37 years.

Joining in the conversation pertaining to the long-awaited resignation of the African leader, the former Ghanaian president took to Twitter to sympathize with Mugabe, praising his role in pan Africanism.

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This however triggered harsh criticisms from a large section of Zimbabweans who felt the 93-year-old did not merit the positive appraisals. Mahama’s commendatory tweet suggested that Mugabe will be remembered kindly by history.

But Zimbabweans do not think so. Robert Mugabe resigned on Tuesday, November 21, after an impeachment process was triggered in the country’s Parliament to have him removed from office.

Mugabe who had ruled for nearly four decades initially refused to cede power despite a military takeover last week, prompting the nation’s parliament to initiate an impeachment hearing against him on Tuesday.

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But before a decision could be reached, the now ex-president tendered in his resignation to the Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda. The announcement was made by the Speaker in the presence of other parliamentarians.

Mugabe’s resignation was followed by massive jubilations which engulfed the streets of Harare, the country’s capital, as well as the entire Zimbabwe.

Why Zimbabweans Are Happy

Mr. Mugabe’s 37 years as President was notably marked by the mismanagement that wrecked the country amid bouts of instigated ethnic violence against political opponents over the years.

A pinch or a fair share, Mugabe has received different of measures of blames from political stakeholders who have commented on his unfortunate yet fortunate resignation.

Though he has been hailed as an African independence hero, the 93-year-old has been regarded as a tyrannical leader who caused his people to suffer for years.

This formed the basis of the backlash in which ex Ghanaian president, John Mahama received after he posted a tweet hailing Mugabe as a patriot and a Pan Africanist.

Mahama Hails Mugabe in a viral tweet…

He didn’t stop there, Mahama also described Mugabe’s long-anticipated resignation as a sad end – the last the last thing on the minds of excited Zimbabweans hovering social media in relief and anticipation of a new leader.

However, some of the persons on the ground in Zimbabwe sought to educate Mr. Mahama on the reality in the Southern African state.