At Long Last! Mahama Speaks on Why He Freed Jailed Montie 3; Hear His Reasons…

And finally, President Mahama speaks on Montie 3 release, opening up on why he decided to free the jailed trio. The President has stated categorically that the actions he took regarding the release of the trio, were all in consonance with the country’s constitution. Also, Mahama maintains he followed the law to the latter in granting remission to the contemnors.

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In an interview with Paul Adom-Otchere on Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana on Tuesday, Mahama speaks on Montie 3 release, explaining that he remitted the four-month jail sentence issued the three, in the interest of the country. Mahama also opined that the four month sentence was rather too harsh, especially as they had shown total remorse for their actions.

The Montie trio in question; Alistair Nelson, Godwin Ako Gunn, and host of Pampasoo political programme, Salifu Maase also known as Mugabe, are all staff of Accra based Montie FM. The three were sentenced to four months in prison by the Supreme Court, after they were found guilty of contempt charges. This was after they threatened on radio to kill or harm Supreme Court Judges, over their handling of the lawsuit on the credibility of the voters’ register.

Mahama pardons

Following their sentence, sympathizers of the trio, most of whom are National Democratic Congress (NDC) supporters, began agitating for their release. Their agitations brought about the opening of a petition book, aimed at persuading the president to exercise his prerogative of mercy powers under Article 72, on behalf of the trio. The said petition book had amassed tons of signatures from prominent members of the NDC.

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The NDC’s petition; coupled with the petition of the three contemnors to the President, for pardon, saw to Mahama’s pardon of the three -after they had already served one month of their sentence. The President, after having consulted with the Council of State, remitted the trio’s remaining three months sentence.

However, the President has come under severe criticisms from a section of Ghanaians, who believe the Montie 3 deserved to serve their jail sentence. Mahama’s critics are also of the opinion that he abused his powers by remitting the jail sentence.

Following the tons of criticisms hurled at him regarding his actions; Mahama speaks on Montie 3 release, maintaining that he freed them in Ghana’s interest, and that he followed the law to the latter in granting remission to the trio.

Explaining further; Mahama said he did not see the need for them to spend the remaining three months in jail, hence his decision to grant them pardon, in line with the constitution, and in consultation with the Council of State.