Mahama to Take Full Financial Responsibility of Flying Nii Odoi Mensah’s Remains Home

President John Mahama has promised to foot all the bills for flying the remains of Late Nii Odoi Mensah fro China back to Ghana.

This was revealed by Minister of Tourism, Elizabeth Ofosu-Adjare when she visited the family of the late actor in the company of some members of the Ghana Actors Guild at late actors’ Grada Estate residence in Teshie Nuagua in Accra, Monday.

Among other members of the delegation were actors Van Vicker, Ziggy Netteyson, and aspiring President of Ghana Actors’ Guild, Mr. Abeiku Seigo.

According to the minister, when she heard that Odoi Mensah had passed away in China and bringing his remains to Ghana has become a problem, she with some other persons decided to come to the family and discuss how they could bring his body back home.

She said that she informed President Mahama about the situation and he said he cannot allow the remains of a proud son of Ghana to be stuck in China. She also related to the bereaved family that the President has decided to do whatever it takes and pay any amount of money needed to bring Odoi Mensah’s remains to Ghana for a befitting burial.

Speaking further, Madam Elizabeth Ofosu-Adjare added that the Chief of Staff has already started arrangements for the body to be transported to Ghana, so she would return to the Flagstaff House with some of the family members to meet the Chief of Staff to facilitate the process as soon as possible.

The family head, Nii Kwa who spoke on behalf of other members of the family gladly accepted the President’s offer and thanked him for his benevolence.

Cost of Bringing home the body of Late Nii Odoi Mensah

Nii Odoi Mensah died on Tuesday April, 12, 2016 while he was undergoing kidney treatment in China, after battling with the disease for some years. However, his hospital bills and other expenses have amounted to huge debts which is now making very financially cumbersome for his family to bring his body home.

The cost of bringing him home which was reportedly put at $68,000 was first disclosed to Peace FM by a close friend, Socrate Safo. According to Socrate Safo, the amount will cover the hospital bill, the undertaker and other things which need to be done before the body could be transported from China.

Socrate said Late Nii Odoi Mensah needed $26,000 before his death for treatment but was unable to raise the amount.  He stated that at the time Nii Odoi Mensah needed money for the hospital bills, hospital authorities in China decided to treat him with the hope that he will be able to settle the debt.

However, the cost kept increasing as the treatment was such that the deceased was confined with his movement and diet under strict regulation. Socrate further explained that the Chinese doctors later decided to the Late Nii Odoi Mensah returns to Ghana while they send him the drugs, but that was never to be.

Socrate also used the opportunity to plead with entertainment industry stakeholders, philanthropists, corporate organizations and individuals to support the late Odio Mensah’s family to raise the needed amount to be able to fly his remains to Ghana for a befitting burial.

However, there is no longer need for these pleas as our dear president has promised to bear all the financial burdens. According to him, he will never allow the body of a true son of Ghana to be stock in a foreign land. He has therefore assured the family that he will do all it takes to ensure he is brought home and also given a befitting burial.

We’ll keep you updated with further developments on this.