Happy Birthday Mahama! 5 Fun Facts about the Former President as He Turns 59 Today

Today is Mahama’s 59th birthday!

Former President John Dramani Mahama turned 59 today, Wednesday, 29th November, 2017. Mahama’s 59th birthday is the first he is celebrating since after his loss at the 2016 general elections.

Tons of birthday wishes since the dawn of today, have been trooping in to the ex president from various angles within and outside the country. Prominent among Mahama’s 59th birthday messages is the one sent in by his lovely wife, former First Lady, Mrs. Lordina Mahama. On her Facebook page, Lordina posted a photo of her husband and wrote: “Happy Birthday my Love”.

Mahama also took to his Facebook page to respond to the myriad of birthday messages sent to him on his birthday. Posting some workout photos, the former president wrote:

“29/11. Woke up to lots of messages of good will and wishes of good health on my birthday. Thanks to you all, my brothers and sisters, fellow Ghanaians. It feels like any other day though. Spent the morning in the gym, working out to keep healthy. Remember to exercise to keep healthy. Ghana needs you alive.”

As we celebrate John Mahama today, BuzzGhana has gathered some fun facts about the immediate-past president of the Republic of Ghana. Here we go!

1. Mahama is Simple and Easy Going

Former President Mahama is known to be a simple and easy-going gentleman even while he was president of the Republic. Mahama is such a leader who always feels like living the ‘ordinary man’ life style as well as mingling with the ordinary people.

Recall that one day during his stay in office, Mahama rode into town alone on a motorbike; a move that drew wide admiration from Ghanaians at the time. Not long after he lost power at the 2016 elections, the former president was also spotted driving himself around town, probably to ward off his sorrows.

Coming to the area of his relationship with fellow politicians, Mahama hardly discriminates, especially in the public. Unlike some other Ghanaian leaders, the ex president is always seen in pleasant mood with fellow politicians despite their affiliations or inclinations.

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2. He’s often Referred to as ‘Lover Boy’

Remember Lordina’s “he was a bit wild” comment? John Mahama has always been taunted for his apparent love for women in those days of hot youthful passions. His wife sometime describing him as being “a bit wild” also lent credence to the belief that Mahama is a ladies’ man.

Moreover, the former president’s actual number of kids which has remained a subject of debate in Ghana, especially among his critics, is also one of the things that points to his alleged previous exploits with the feminine gender.

3. He Preaches Too!

With the above ‘frivolous’ aspect of Mahama’s life, you wouldn’t believe that the John Mahama could be powerful on the pulpit! But that’s what it is! Anytime Mahama grabs the opportunity to share the word, what we get has always been filled with great wisdom and inspiration.

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4. Mahama Married his Student

Do you know how John Mahama met Lordina? Lordina was a student at the Ghana Secondary School while John was teaching there as part of his National Service. His chivalrous and “lover boy” nature must have played a great role here!

“I met Lordina when I went back to do National Service at my former school, Ghana Secondary School, at the time she looked attractive, I was her History teacher … the rest is history,” Mahama revealed at their 25 years marriage anniversary and vows renewal in August.

5. Funny Mahama Quote

There are several John Mahama quotes, but his “dead-goat” quote remains one of the funniest. It actually made the 2015 list of Africa’s Best Quotes by BBC. Reacting to the numerous agitations and criticisms bedeviling his administration at the time, Mahama said:

“I have seen more demonstrations and strikes in my first two years. I don’t think it can get worse. It is said that when you kill a goat and you frighten it with a knife, it doesn’t fear the knife because it is dead already. I have a dead-goat syndrome.”