Controversy Hits Mahama’s Mother’s Burial; Find Out More…

A meeting between the president’s family and the Chief is currently underway to find possible solutions to Mahama’s Mother’s burial controversy…

Controversy ensues, following the burial arrangement plans by President Mahama for his late mother Hajia Abiba Nnaba. Mahama’s mother passed away on Tuesday June 14.

There had been reports that the deceased would be buried at her home town Busunu the next day, in accordance with Islamic tradition. The president had also suspended his ‘Accounting to the People’ tour in Accra which commenced on the same Tuesday as a result of the death.

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Meanwhile, sources reveal the Chief of Busunu who happens to be the younger brother to the deceased’s father has refused to give the president a go-ahead to bury his mother in Bole which is the hometown of Mahama’s father. Simply put, Late Madam Nnaba’s uncle (who is the Busunu Chief) is against her burial at her husband’s hometown, Bole.

According to reports, the Busunu chief refused on the grounds that Mahama’s father, E.A Mahama, divorced the deceased many years back which makes it improper for her body to be buried in his hometown instead of Busunu which is the deceased’s hometown.

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However, it is unclear where the President planned burying his mother initially, though reports maintain there is a disagreement between both families.

For this reason, a meeting between the president’s family and the Chief is currently underway to find possible solutions to controversy surround Mahama’s Mother’s burial. The matter is hoped to be resolved soonest.

Being a Muslim, Madam Nnaba was supposed to be buried within 24 hours, in accordance with Islamic tradition. Indeed, her body is supposed to have been buried by now, but this new development has one way or the other altered the process. The President is really hoping this hitch is resolved, as soon as possible.