Mahama’s Luxury Motorbike Can Buy Two Ultra Modern Ambulances – Manhyia South MP

In a period such as this, it is common that almost every move of the president will be followed by harsh criticisms. This time around, it’s about Mahama’s motorbike…

Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, Member of Parliament for Manhyia South has condemned President Mahama’s ride around the town on a motorbike.

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Criticizing the president’s action, Dr. Prempeh said that, the motorbike which President Mahama rode on across some neighbourhoods in Accra last Sunday, could comfortably buy two ambulances.

Speaking to Rainbow Radio’s Kwabena Agyapong, Prempeh called on President Mahama to refute his allegation if he deems it false.

Dr. Prempeh was of the opinion that, the adventure by President Mahama was baseless and needless, arguing that he did that just for personal pleasure.

He wondered why a president who claims to have the nation at heart should ride on a bike to inspect flood affected areas within the capital when in actual fact, the motorbike cannot be driven through the flood.

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Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh therefore plainly concluded that President Mahama was only embarking on a luxurious cruise with an expensive ride. He insisted that the money for Mahama’s motorbike could have been used to purchase two ambulances or three luxurious cars for more useful purposes.

I am not a blind man. I know the cost of the motorbike. It can purchase two ultra modern ambulances. President Mahama rode the motorbike for luxury and not for the purposes we were told. Besides, can a motorbike drive through the floods in Accra? No it cannot. So President Mahama and his team should come again,” Dr Prempeh said.

We would not have forgotten so soon, that President Mahama last Sunday rode on a powerful motorbike around some neighbourhoods in the capital city of Accra. According to reports, the president’s aim for the ride was to pick up first hand information on the flood situation in some affected areas.

However, this move by the president has attracted lots of criticisms, with many terming it a frivolous one in the face of grave issues of concern pervading the nation.

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