NDC Defeat: What Mahama Said About Akufo-Addo’s Rosy Promises Sparks Up Regrets in Ghanaians!

Former President John Dramani Mahama has made striking comments on the various reasons behind the NDC defeat in the last general elections held in December, 2016. The former president’s comments which appears to be a sharp enlightenment to supporters of the New Patriotic Party, could possibly spark up regrets in them.

Mahama made the remarks at a 3-day World Economic Forum on Africa holding from Wednesday, 3rd to Friday 5th May in Durban, South Africa.

Speaking at an interactive session on leadership on Thursday, Former President Mahama pointed out some of the reasons behind his loss to NPP’s Nana Akufo-Addo, despite being an incumbent. According to Mahama, he suffered what he described as “incumbency disadvantage”.

Mahama speaking on leadership and NDC defeat

Making his stance clearer, the former president noted that his was frankness to Ghanaians turned around to his own detriment. He explained that he told Ghanaians the truth about the actual state of Ghana’s economy, and also warned them that it will take hard work and much sacrifices to come out of it.

Mahama pointed out that he knew what the economy could give to the people and therefore was constrained from making promises similar to the ones his opponent (Nana Addo ,who of course knew less), was making to Ghanaians ahead of the elections. But instead of getting the message, the citizens rather chose to be swayed by the ‘heavenly’ promises dished out to them by his opponent; leading to the NDC defeat.

“I knew what the economy could give the people and I told the people the truth that we need more hard work to be able to get out of where we are; my opponent promised heaven and you have the constraints of not being able to promise all the rosy things he was doing… The people made a choice and voted me out”, Mahama noted.

Speaking further, Mr. Mahama said that the whole episode is a learning process for all. He went on to say that there is no problem with President Akufo-Addo being able to deliver on all his promises. He however added that if it turns the other way round,  “the people would have learnt that not all that glitters is gold”.

Continuing, Mahama pointed out the need for leaders to be accountable to the populace in order to build trust in public institutions. Mahama’s advice agrees with the Forum’s theme which is Building Trust through Sustainable Institutions. He noted that it is important that citizens are made to know how public funds are spent in the business of making their living standards better. This according to him, is one of the major ways to build trust in a country’s public institutions.

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Mahama’s comments appears to be in agreement with what Nana Addo has been telling Ghanaians since he assumed office as Ghana’s president. Nana Addo who has woken up to the reality of the poor state of the country’s economy has been sounding it loud to the citizens that it is their hard work that will do the job!

Remember Mahama’s “No President will put Money in your Pockets” mantra, and Nana Addo’s “Do not be a Spectator Citizen” slogan?

Now, you may be left to wonder where and what the difference is!