Mahama’s Sermon You Can’t Afford To Miss: Fmr Prez Preaches On Salvation, Marriage and Giving [Video]

Politicians are never always known to be preachers. But Mahama’s sermon has proven this widely held believe wrong…

Former President John Dramani Mahama mounted the pulpit to share the word at The Ringway Gospel Centre Assemblies of God Church ‘Great Men’s Ministry Day’ held on Sunday, September 17.

The immediate past President of Ghana started off by recounting how he failed to hear from God the first time he was asked to preach in the church. Mr. Mahama said the pastor gave him some portions of the scriptures to study and then listen to hear from God.

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But according to the Former President, he “he did everything” but God didn’t speak to him. His statement was received with a loud roar of laughter from congregants. After the light comic relief, Mahama’s sermon kicked off…

On Salvation

John Mahama told the church that everyone will save his or her own soul based on the pureness of one’s own heart.

“Nobody will save your soul for you. And salvation is based on the pureness of your own heart; not the pureness of your pastor’s heart,” he said.

On Finding a Marriage Partner

Mahama advised the young people to make efforts towards finding their heartthrobs and not to rely only on prayers.

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He urged the single-and-searching class to endeavour to engage in social activities such as attending funerals, birthday parties, weddings and such-like events, as these gatherings provide good chances of meeting the Mr or Mrs Right.

“As you pray, you must engage in social activities; who knows where you will meet him or meet her. You go to funerals, people have met at funerals and married, people have met in church and married, people have met at weddings and married, people have met at birthday parties and married, so as you pray, go out and God will let your paths cross.”

Mahama made them to understand that efforts are also as important the way prayers are.

Alms Giving

The former President brought his sermon to a close by urging Christians never to forget we have an obligation based on several scripture passages to help the less privileged. He cautioned the church against closing their eyes against those in need on the grounds that they have paid their tithes and offerings at church.

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He concluded by saying that “God loves a cheerful giver”.

Watch video below.