Popular actor Majid Michel reveals what exactly happens when he kiss ladies in movies. It has always been believed that kissing on set, and other body contacts in movies are real. But Majid Michel has taken out time to shed more light on the grey areas; enlightening us about the things that are considered before a kissing scene is reenacted to look real and convincing to the audience.

He revealed this on the set of his new movie, Amakye and Dede. According to the renowned actor, movies are just make-believe. He said actors and actresses go through thorough screening before taking on such roles, and that they put in a lot of effort to make it look real.

Of course it is a make believe so we have to make it look real, but before that happens, the actors involved do a lot of self-check.

He went ahead to say that a lot of diseases can be contracted through kissing and for that reason, they are screened medically and advised to kiss with caution so as not to create any friction that could start a real fire. According to the actor:

You can’t take anything for granted just because you want to give off your best. Yes, we are zealous about what we do in movies, but we also take the necessary precautions when we have to be intimate with other colleagues on set.

He further expressed that he has lost count of how many times he had to do kissing on set. When asked if his feelings were aroused, he said no and added that there’s never room for that since they are always surrounded by the acting crew.

I do not get any feelings. Look, you are not alone with the actress in some secluded place. Everybody is there, crew, colleague actors, cameras, lights among others. All I focus on, is to do whatever I am supposed to do so well that it is almost real.

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He was equally asked how his wife felt about his intimacy in movies. The popular movie ‘lover boy’ said his wife knows it’s his work and hence, is not disturbed about those scenes. His words were:

She is always aware of all the movies that require that I kiss and get intimate with another lady. She sometimes accompanies me on set so that she sees everything for herself. I have been kissing different ladies since the days of ‘Things We Do for Love’, so it is no big deal for my wife.

Majid Michel is really excited about the new movie Amakye and Dede which would be out soon.