You’re on the track to discover how to make free calls in Ghana since we already know that the usual call rates are the greatest consumers of airtime credit in many phones. Other than using the internet, most of the credit from all the telecommunication companies globally is used through the calls made by its customers. The largest consumer in calling rates is on the international calls. This is due to the differences in networks and also from the regional difference. A good example is when you are calling from Ghana to the United Kingdom or even to our neighbouring Togo. The call rates will be much different than our local calls even on different networks.

However, some of the network service providers have reduced some of these calls and made calling even simpler, easier and free of charge. In this article, we’ll be looking at how anyone can easily make free calls in Ghana for free.

How to Make Free Calls in Ghana

Free Calls in Ghana - How to Make Free Calls in Ghana

Glo Ghana Free Calls Service

Glo Ghana Free Calls Service - Make Free Calls in Ghana

Glo Mobile Ghana is one of the networks that have defined how to make free calls in Ghana. With the Glo Bounce tariff launched last year, the subscribers are now in a position to make free calls even when they are out of credit. This unique tariff allows the subscribers to enjoy their bonus airtime within the validity period before using the main credit balance in their accounts. Another advantage of the Bounce tariff plan is that the subscribers will also enjoy a “zero balance bonus” which will allow them to make free unlimited Glo to Glo calls. The service goes further to allowing the subscribers to send SMS and browse within the validity period of any recharge they have made on their account. This becomes very economical to make phone calls and also in the communications via SMS. To enjoy the benefits of this plan, the subscribers are supposed to dial *5650*1# or type 6 on their SMS box, sending it to 5650 on the Glo network. Additionally, customers on the Bounce tariff can also register five numbers as their friends or family to make free calls for just 2 pesewas per minute after their validity period. 

Airtel Ghana Free Calls Service

Airtel Ghana is another giant of telecommunication that you can use to make free calls in Ghana. Airtel also offers a free calls service to its subscribers. To be eligible for the free night calls service on the Airtel Ghana network, One has to use a minimum of 15 pesewas within the daytime. If you have used more than the 15 pesewa during the day, you will be able to make free night calls the next night. This service works between Airtel to Airtel networks meaning you have to be calling another person on the Airtel Ghana network in order to rip the benefits of the service. However, the service is only valid on late night hours from 12 midnight to 5 am in the morning daily. This makes it unappealing especially to those who are not early risers.

Tigo Ghana Free Calls Service

Tigo Ghana Free Calls Service - ways to Make Free Calls in Ghana

Tigo is another popular telecom network with a good number of subscribers in Ghana. Tigo network also has something in store for its customers. Like the other networks, in Ghana, the network also offers free calls service from 11.30 pm at night which lasts up to the following day at 5.00 am in the morning daily. 

Vodafone Ghana Free Calls Service

Vodafone Ghana Free Calls Service

Vodafone cannot be left out when one is talking about Ghana telecom networks. It is also one of the largest networks serving many people in the area and other countries as well. The “1225” offer is a Vodafone service that allows its customers to enjoy free calls. For prepaid Vodafone customers, the daily offer gives you the ability to make free calls from Vodafone to Vodafone networks. in addition, they are also given an additional 15 minutes free to call to other networks in the region. This is one of the best free call services as it allows the customers to enjoy the free call service on the best hours of catching up with friends which is from 12 at noon to 5 pm in the evening. From 12 in the midnight up to 12 at noon, customers can be able to achieve their individual spend target for the free hours, and it is sent via the SMS. To subscribe to the Vodafone “1225” offer, customers have to register by sending the word “YES” to 1225.

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WhatsApp Free Calls Services

WhatsApp is the sibling of Facebook and it is available on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. The WhatsApp free calls use only your phone’s Internet connection rather than your cellular plan’s voice minutes. In other words, to enjoy free calls any day, any time, – which is what makes it stands out from the other networks, you must have an internet data bundle as little as 10MB make voice calls to your heart content. Just follow these 7 simple steps to get started:

  1.  Open WhatsApp.
  2. Press the Call button.
  3. Tap the + sign to show the names of your contacts
  4. Select a contact
  5. Tap the phone icon
  6. Speak clearly to the receiver.
  7. Tap the red phone icon to end the call.

Note that you can only call people who also use WhatsApp and can reach them immediately if they’re online.