8 Interesting Ways To Make Money in Ghana That Hasn’t Crossed Your Mind

Do you want to make it big in Ghana, Are you wondering how other people has managed to make it and how you too can make good money in Ghana? There are many ways to earning a decent income in this beautiful country. With a fast growing economy and a robust IT industry, there is absolutely no doubt that Ghana is the place to be. Let us take a look at some fine ideas that you can exploit to make good money here. Checkout these 8 Interesting Ways To Make Money in Ghana:

1. Starting a Food Industry in Ghana

Ghana is known to have abundance of fruits and vegetables, therefore one can start a business in the food industry. This business is very profitable and you can be rest assured that you will make good money in the long run. Currently the business is very competitive so One needs to think hard before setting up one. You can always consult experts who have been into the business for long and conduct a small research so you can be sure of the strategic area to set up one. The beauty of this business is that anyone can venture into it and come out with success.

Ghana food industry

2. Starting a gym business in Ghana

Many people are becoming health conscious, as a result of this there is need to provide fitness facilities. You can start a gym for your workplace or neighbourhood with your buddies. In Ghana few people have ventured into this business hence starting one in a place where there is none would not just be a good idea but a great idea.

gym personal trainer man with weight lifting bar woman

3. Making money in Ghana from online businesses

You can try affiliate marketing, blogging or freelancing. With a blog that provides useful information, people get to visit it and you can make money through advertising. You can also make money through forex trading. Forex trading is the most common although it takes time to become an expert but once you are so good in it then you get to make cool money. On the other hand, affiliate marketing does not necessary take much time to learn if you have interest. Working online is one of the best ways to make money in Ghana as there are very little overheads.

online jobs in Africa

4. Reselling businesses in Ghana

This is a real and legitimate way to make money. This business involves selling other people’s services or products at higher cost. You make money by getting commission from them. In this business, you have the ability to fix your own price for the products or services and you can market them and make more profit.

Accra street hawkers

5. Earning money in Ghana by running a barber’s shop

This business is a money spinner any time any day. The reason being that it is not seasonal in the sense that our hair keeps growing hence the urge to keep it clean and well shaved. Most barbing salon operators earn good money compared to what most people working white collared jobs earn.


6. Making Money in Ghana from waste management

People always complain about the pure water bags littering the streets, ugly black plastics choking their gutters and food waste piling up their landfills every time. Starting this business may seem something silly to some people, what they don’t know is that One can make big money from it. You can choose to recycle the waste and use it as a fertiliser or compost and later sell it to farmers.

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recycle the waste

7. Investing in Ghana

Careful investments can go a long way in securing ones future. In Ghana, the safest method of investing is probably the savings bank account. Banks gives you a set of interests for the amount of money you deposit with them. One can also invest in bonds issued by private companies in Ghana and governments. A treasury bond is a good investment although it has a long maturity period. Before going ahead with your investment plans, it is always good to take some time to establish your long-term financial goals and assess the degree of risk you are willing to take, you might also want to consult your financial adviser for advice.

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Investing - how to make money in ghana

8. Earning money online by offering internet services

By offering services that work over the internet such as software development you can earn good money. You can set it up in such a way that people pay licenses to you in order to use your services. This is a big opportunity for making money in Ghana exploited mostly by youths.

online jobs in Africa

Final word

Remember, success grows upon success therefore you have to keep in mind that you start small and grow from there. So be prepared to start small. Most importantly, keep dreaming big. Entrepreneurs are risk-takers, so don’t be afraid to try new ideas. Most importantly, do some research before investing in any business.

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