Man Bathed With Acid By Girlfriend Needs 55,000 Euros For Surgery

Strange things keep happening in our world. According to some reports, a young man met his Waterloo when he jilted his girlfriend who unhappily proceeded to bathe him with acid.

The victim Eric Ohemeng who is a third year student of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) is said to need up to three surgeries to get his body back to normal again. The cost of the surgeries sum up to about €55 000. The Victim said he had already gone through five surgeries since after the acid bath, but needs to undergo three more as his right arm and neck are still stiff. He has lost an eye and equally has his genitals affected. The culprit, 26-year-old Esther Enyonam Pekyi, has already been arrested by the police on Saturday.

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Eric was badly injured and disfigured from the incident but is really hoping he’ll regain full function of his entire body after all the surgeries. He has also said he would be needing a hair transplant and skin grafting procedures. According to him, he has had to stay indoors since he left the hospital because of his disfigured body.

”I don’t go out; for the past two months that I left the hospital, I have not gone out,” Eric said

Subsequently, a campaign titled ‘Save Eric Ohameng’ has been set up for him. This is also to help generate funds to finance Eric’s surgeries, which are to be carried out in Germany due to the absence of the required equipment to do it in Ghana. The campaign which was started by a group of seven students from GIMPA is said to have already brought positive attention from a few people so far.

The group said that Unibank Ghana Limited has donated a sum of 10,000 Euros and 30,000 Cedis to aid Eric’s surgeries. Also, GIMPA has donated 10,000 Cedis in respect of the surgeries.Others have been equally been encouraged to make donations for the victim.

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