Marwako Case: Lebanese Boss Charged with Assault Over Abuse on Ghanaian Worker; Find Out More…

The incident of the Marwako assault reportedly took place on February, 26, at the Abelemkpe branch of the Marwako Restaurant.

Jihad Chaaban, the Lebanese Supervisor who allegedly assaulted his employee, has formally been charged with assault by the Police. Jihad who is currently on bail,  was arraigned in court on Tuesday [March 7, 2017], at the Abeka Magistrate Court, but the case was adjourned to Wednesday because the judge did not sit.

It’s no longer news, the untold abuse being meted out on Ghanaian employees by their expatriate bosses in the country and beyond. The alarming part of the issue is how the country’s government has still remained silent on the matter.

Reports confirmed the assault of a staff at Marwako Fast Food Limited by her Lebanese boss, who forcefully grabbed and dipped her face into blended pepper. This of course adds to the tall list of cases of expatriate bosses’ abuses on Ghanaian workers. What makes this case unique however, is the fact that the Chief Executive Officer of this company is a Ghanaian citizen.

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The Marwako assault incident reportedly took place on February, 26, at the Abelemkpe branch of the Marwako Restaurant. According to reports, the young lady identified as Evelyn Boakye, had her face shoved into a bowl of blended pepper by her Lebanese supervisor Jihad Chaaban, who subsequently prevented her from leaving the workplace for several hours.

According to the Marwako pepper victim who narrated the incident to the media, it happened that while she was working on Sunday, one of her supervisors asked her to go and blend fresh pepper, which she set out to do. But in the process, the blender developed a fault, and she tried fixing it.

While she was doing that, her supervisor, Jihad started shouting at her, suddenly poured the content of the blender on the table and pushed her head into it, with a good quantity of the pepper entering her eyes. He then locked her in a room, releasing the poor girl only after several hours had passed; to prevent her from reporting the incident.

Evelyn Boakye
Evelyn Boakye

Lebanese Arrested

The Marwako assault case has been reported to the Accra Regional Police Command. As a matter of fact, Jihad Chaabam was arrested by the police, after the case got to authorities. The Public Relations Officer of the Accra Regional Police, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Effia Tenge, confirmed that the police received the complaint from the victim on February 28, 2017, and immediately arrested the assailant.

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The abuser has been interrogated by police and is currently on bail pending further investigations. Management of Marwako Fast Food has said it is cooperating fully with police to establish the true facts regarding the incident.

Marwako suspends Lebanese supervisor

Reports have also confirmed the suspension of the Lebanese supervisor by the management of Marwako Fast Foods. The management in a statement, expressed regret over the appalling act and promised to co-operate with the police on the matter. The company condemned the alleged assault and explained it will not condone mistreatment of its workers.

The management of the company also revealed it had not been made aware of the situation, which was why the Lebanese supervisor reported to work on February 27 -a day after the incident.

According to the statement, the victim had immediately reported the incident to the Head of Human Resources at the Labadi branch, but it was not brought to the attention of management until police sought to arrest the said supervisor. The management also said it is providing the best of care and ensuring the welfare of the victim.

I Want Justice – victim

Evelyn Boakye has let out a cry for justice on her case. The 25-year-old says she wants justice to run its full course in the case to serve as a deterrent to other foreign employers across the country. As a matter of fact, Jihad Chaaban who had rendered an apology to the Marwako pepper victim, had his apology turned down as the 25 year demanded justice.

Gender Minister, Afisa Otiko Djaba has also said that justice will be served the Marwako assault victim. Madam Djaba said the Ministry in collaboration with the appropriate security agencies are putting in place the necessary measures to address the issue.

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Abuse at the workplace by expatriate employers in the country has become an worrisome menace. The prevalence of this situation can be said to be as a result of the neglect of government in previous similar cases. It is however, hoped that the ongoing case of the Marwako assault will indeed serve as a deterrent to other expatriate employers.