Marwako Case: Lebanese Supervisor Remanded After Pleading Not Guilty To Court Charges

The Marwako case hearing has been adjourned till 16th March, 2017.

The Lebanese supervisor at the Abelemkpe Branch of Marwako Fast Food Limited, Jihad Chaaban, who allegedly assaulted a female Ghanaian worker under his supervision, has been remanded into police custody following the first hearing of the case in an Accra Magistrate Court.

Jihad Chaaban was arraigned before the Abeka Magistrate Court today, Wednesday, March 8, for three count charges of assault, offensive conduct, and causing harm. Mr. Chaaban however, pleaded not guilty in all three charges.

The Magistrate, Victoria Ghansah who presided over the Marwako case, ruled that the accused be placed in police custody until the next hearing which was fixed for 16th March – 8 days from today. Council for the accused, Mr Augustine Asarfo-Adje had pleaded for him to be granted bail but the plea was rejected.

This was in agreement with an application by the prosecutor, Chief Inspector Hoyt H. Armah, who argued that the accused and the company had started interfering in the case, by threatening to fire their staff who are providing information to assist police investigations. The Prosecutor also added that remand of the accused is necessary to ensure his safety throughout the period of adjournment.


It has been in the news for some days now, that a Lebanese supervisor at the Abelenkpe branch of Marwako Fast Food Limited, one Jihad Chaaban dipped the face of one of the workers, one Miss Evelyn Boakye into ground fresh pepper for not working at a desired speed.

According to one of the workers at the restaurant, Mr. Chaaban held Evelyn’s face down in the pepper for some minutes while squeezing her neck and raining abusive words on her. It was also reported that Chaaban, who happens to be the brother-in-law of the fast food manager locked up Evelyn, with the pepper splashed face for several hours to stop her from receiving assistance from her colleagues.

Although the Lebanese supervisor has reportedly apologised for his actions, the Ghanaian victim has refused to accept the apology, insisting that her molester be made to face the law. Click here to read full story of the Marwako assault.