New EC Logo To Be Unveiled; Media Practitioners ‘Mock’ New Logo

The Electoral Commission’s new logo has attracted some criticisms among many, including media practitioners who are still questioning the reason behind the change. The new EC logo is to be launched soon ahead of November elections.

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Some journalists have been pushing for the EC to retain the old logo. The EC displayed a new logo at a capacity building workshop for media practitioners on election reportage on Tuesday. The new logo is to replace the current one. However media practitioners have argued that the new EC logo does not reflect what the commission stands for.

New EC Logo
New EC Logo

The new EC logo is a blue rounded crest with patches of white, yellow, red and green. According to EC’s analysis, the four coloured spots – along with their four symmetrical spots combine with eight white V-shaped outlines within the dark-blue background to create an abstract image of eight people in a circle with lifted hands. Some Journalists have described the  logo as childish and inappropriate.

The critics are of the view that the EC should retain the current logo because it has a better representation of what the commission stands for. According to one of the critics, there are features in the current logo which represents the electoral process which includes voting, Ghana, the commission’s principles; Whereas the new one looks like a couple of children holding up some balls, ready to go and play basket ball.

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The current EC logo as we know has a black star in between two eagles at both sides of a shield, with a hand in the middle casting a ballot. This indeed represents what the EC represents. However, it seems the commission is sticking with the new logo. According to Georgina Opoku Amankwaa, the Deputy EC Boss in charge of Finance and Administration, the logo has duly gone through approval process and would be unveiled.