Metro TV Workers To Protest Over Exclusion From Salary Adjustments

Metro TV workers will today, embark on a protest to bemoan their exclusion from salary adjustments. The unionized employees in question described this as discrimination on the part of the management. They say the management carried out salary adjustments for only a few workers leaving them out of the exercise.

According to the chairman of the local union of the Accra-based private television station, Joey Quartey, there is no just reason for the exclusion of some workers from the salary adjustment exercise since they are all part of the same union. He said;

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 All our workers are unionised people so why do you decide that a particular department has to get adjustment in their salaries when we are all unionised workers. The workers are not motivated; you should see their gloomy faces when they come to work. What we are trying to do is to tell management that we are not happy with the situation. People get 25 percent while the most important people, production people are being left out. What you have done for Paul, do for Peter. That is all what we are saying.

He continued that they have tried to reach a consensual negotiation with the management to no avail.

We have been trying to negotiate but some management people are saying that they are not going to increase salaries whether we like it or not and this is not helping matters.

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According to reports, this is not the first time Metro TV workers are bemoaning or protesting over poor salaries and working conditions. Sometime in 2013, they embarked on a sit-down strike, to protest over unpaid allowances and poor conditions of service.

The sit down strike had brought some activities in the company to a halt, as all live programmes including the popular newspaper analysis show, Good Morning Ghana was crippled. The workers had served stern notice that they would not resume work until all their allowances were fully paid.