Mistakes Of Mahama That Akufo-Addo Must Not Repeat

Ghana is counting days before the new government of Akufo-Addo takes over, following the defeat of the present president at the December 7 elections. While this is not the first time a sitting president is losing out in an election in Africa, it is worthy of note that there are some mistakes of Mahama that caused him another term in office.

BuzzGhana is taking a closer look at some of these mistakes which must not be repeated by Akufo-Addo if he wants to keep the trust and support of the people through and beyond his first term in office.

Mistakes Of Mahama That Akufo-Addo Must Not Repeat
President-Elect Nana Addo


More than anything, Addo’s Government must distance itself from corruption, which is the major thing that consumed the government of Mahama. It should be remembered that Mahama’s government began losing the trust of the country as early as 2013 with the GYEEDA scandal. While the government was able to recover some amounts from service providers, the country is still in the dark as to how the monies were spent.

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There are other cases of corruption in the country which have led the country into distrusting the government for the most part of its four years. Another great mistake of Mahama is that he has been unable to tame the full-fledged corruption that has thrived under his watch, most especially the most shaming case of 34 judges caught collecting bribe.

Financial Recklessness and Phoney Contracts

Mistakes Of Mahama That Akufo-Addo Must Not Repeat
Smartty Bus Branding

Amidst an economy that is mostly not strong, Mahama’s government had little respect to prudent spending. This is even more sad that the government took the ungracious path of borrowing to spend lavishly on things either not needed or in ways completely unwise, such as phoney contracts which attracted massive amounts of money. These include the most recent Smartty’s bus branding deal, as well as extravagance of governance.

Failure To Improve on the Basic Needs of The Country

This mistake was as a result of the appointment of people with neither experience nor will into governance. During Mahama’s stay in power, the country has seen things go suddenly bad. Power shortage became continuous in the country, and there was a serious decline in almost all other sectors including health and education.

Undermining Ghanaians

Truth be told, Mahama has had his own achievements as a president, but his problems came from his unexaggerated audacity to undermine Ghanaians. This is mostly as while his government has failed to perform, it didn’t waste any time to begin some fast facial make-up with the aim of deceiving the country into thinking it was working as elections drew near. It was seen in the reintroduction of the halted allowances for student nurses barely five months to elections, as well as in other fast government projects and policies to get the people into trusting again.

Failing to Keep Promises

Above all, unlike most other African countries, Ghanaians do not forget the promises you make during campaigns. Top among the mistakes of Mahama has to be forgetting to stop making promises, as well as refusing to keep most, as he downplayed others. Addo must keep his promises, else he will meet Ghanaians at the next election junction.


Finally, the incoming government of Addo must realize from the outgoing government that Propaganda may carry you half the way, but it will never see you home. Mahama’s government wasted a good time and money on propaganda as a result of its failure to deliver. Addo must learn to deliver so as not to bank on propaganda, which as evident with the outgoing government, will not sustain.