Threat on Judges: I Don’t Buy The ‘Hypocritical’ Apology Made by Montie FM Management – Ayikoi Otoo

Former Attorney General Nii Otoo does not subscribe to the apology concerning the Montie FM threat.

If there’s anyone who does not buy the recent apologies rendered by Montie FM regarding the threats on Judges, it is Nii Ayiko Otoo. The former Attorney General and legal practitioner has said that the controversial station’s apology is nothing more than mere hypocrisy.

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Nii Otoo stated his reason to be that Montie FM already had a negative reputation for constantly making obnoxious and unruly remarks. He also explained that besides its two panelists threatening the lives of judges on air, the station have been known for slandering and bashing the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP).

On June 29, the two panelists, Alistair Nelson and Godwin Ako Gunn, during a current affairs programme on the station, threatened to deal with Supreme Court and High Court judges. They threatened to ‘finish’ them if they made any judgement against the Electoral Commission in the case challenging the validity of the voters’ register.

Following some queries at the Supreme Court, the Management of Montie FM rendered an apology for the comments. It also disassociated itself from the comments made, as well as banned the two panelists until further notice.

But Nii Otoo does not subscribe to the apology concerning the Montie FM threat. According to him, the station only apologised for the death threats made by its panelists only after it had gotten into trouble with the law. He said that those moves by the Accra based station’s management are hypocritical, and that anyone who listens to the station can attest to it.

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Mr. Otoo further questioned why Salifu ‘Mugabe’ Mase, the host of the programme in question, was not sanctioned by the management for playing a part in the whole drama.

On Tuesday, July 12, the Supreme Court will commence hearing of the contempt suit brought against owners of Montie FM, and its panelists, who threatened Supreme and High Court Judges.