Incredible! Mortuary Attendants Storm Burial Ground, Snatch Corpse Over Unpaid Balance


Without much ado, the mortuary men flipped the casket open, dragged out the corpse, landed it on their shoulders and started heading back to the mortuary!

The world is becoming a more bizarre place by the day. Who would believe that a funeral could be halted in such a manner, with the dead body about to be committed to mother earth snatched from the bereaved family right there at the burial ground? Well, as incredible as it may sound, that is exactly what happened at the Tema Community 9 Cemetery in Ghana, on Saturday, 11th February, 2017.

According to Adomonline report, a family received the shock of their lives when the owner of the mortuary services that took care of their dead loved one, hit the burial ground and snatched the corpse from the casket!

It happened that the bereaved family stealthily took away the already dressed body without the consent of the mortuary management, leaving a balance of GH¢40 unpaid. On realising the deceit, the mortuary owner in the company of one of his men, stormed the cemetery right in time before interment.

Without much ado, the two men flipped the casket open, dragged out the corpse, landed it on their shoulders and started heading straightway back to the mortuary!

mortuary men

Gush!! I know the goose pimples are hanging all over your skin now!!!

All the family members, friends and guests who gathered for the burial were shocked beyond measure by the strange attitude of the mortuary men.

dead man arrested1

On wanting to know what propelled such sacrilegious act, the furious mortuary men revealed that the bereaved family stole the body away without making full payments while they were busy attending to other corpses at the mortuary.

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It took the intervention of elderly members of the family and some well wishers for the situation to be saved, and the dead finally buried.

Watch video below: