Mother of 9 Sentenced to 11 Years Imprisonment For Selling Drinks Mixed With Hemp

Ama Forson, a middle aged woman and a mother of 9 children has been sentenced to 11 years imprisonment for selling alcohol mixed with marijuana.

Ama Forson owns a drinking bar. Unfortunately for her, the police got wind of information that she was engaging in the illegal practice of infusing weed into liquor and selling to customers.

In order to get evidences for the alleged misconduct, the police stormed her drinking spot and conducted a search. They eventually found a polythene bag containing dried leaves suspected to be Indian hemp. The police also retrieved a wine bottle containing dried leaves and liquid suspected to be Indian hemp mixed with alcohol. The content of the bottle was subsequently tested by the police and the guess was proven to be correct. However, when interrogated by the police, she denied being the owner.

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The mother of nine was then arrested, that was in October last year. She was subsequently prosecuted and charged with ‘unlawful possession of narcotic drugs’.

During the final court hearing of the case on Wednesday March 29, Ama Forson pleaded not guilty to the charge, insisting that she had no knowledge of the discovered drugs.

However, the presiding Judge, Mr Aboagye Tandoh while pronouncing her sentence, said the convict, apart from having custody of the drugs, knew the drugs were Indian hemp. She was finally sentenced to 11 years behind the bars with hard labour.

“I have examined the evidence and have concluded that the drugs found on the accused person’s premises indeed belonged to her. She cannot, therefore, deny knowledge of it,’’ the judge said.

While her sentence was being read out, Ama Forson, initially, stood quietly in the dock, but on hearing the number of years she is to serve in prison, she broke down in uncontrollable tears. She was weeping uncontrollably to the extent that she was sternly warned by a police officer on duty in the courtroom to control herself because she was disturbing the court.

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The Judge further warned all and sundry against the use and sale of narcotic drugs and other unwholesome products.

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