MPs Furious Over 23 Missing Children from 8 Orphanages

It has been reported that  23 children who were hosted in eight out of ten orphanages by the Department of Social Welfare are missing.

This was revealed in a report authored by the Auditor General which is the outcome of a sampled survey carried out at the orphanages. This was discovered after these children in eight out of ten orphanages were hosted by the Department of Social Welfare. The Auditor General of the Public Accounts Committee submitted the report to the parliament on Thursday for further action.

The report also revealed that 82 out of 85 residential homes for children in four regions, were operating without the required licenses.

The report which is a result of very costly oversight infuriated most members of the parliament. While speaking on the issue, the MP for Pusiga, Laadi Ayamba, questioned why the Department of Social Welfare failed in its responsibility for the upkeep of the children.

If the department of social welfare was doing its job, why did it not realize that the homes that it was taking the census in did not have license? Why was the department not collecting data at the same time that they were going round? If you listened carefully, you will realize that 23 children cannot be accounted for. Nobody is able to tell us if the children are with their parents, or if they simply left or they passed away?… Those orphanages should be able to tell where those children are, because one life is worth more than anything we have on earth,” she said.

Laadi Ayamga also called on the Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection, to work on finding out what happened to the children.

I will suggest that the Minister for Gender needs to do more to find out where these children are. We are well aware that there is child trafficking. I also wish to suggest that all the orphanages that have problems should really be taken on because once they are operating without licenses and nobody cares about them, then they can do anything to these children.”

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