Mugabe in Ghana: Zimbabwean Leader Makes Significant Impact at 60th Independence Anniversary

Mugabe in Ghana: proceed to see why the Zimbabwean leader’s recent visit to Ghana cannot be easily forgotten by citizens…

Ghana celebrated her 60th Independence anniversary on March 6, 2016. Series of events, packages and notable personalities who graced the event, have still got Ghanaians talking and reminiscing up till this moment. However, there is one very thing that cannot be easily forgotten by citizens of the country; Zimbabwe’s Mugabe in Ghana.

President of Zimbabawe, Robert Mugabe ho is linked to Ghana in so many ways, joined other African leaders to celebrate Ghana’s 60 years of independence on March 6. Known for his rather ridiculous wits; and famous for his record breaking feat of being the oldest world head of State, Mugabe is one leader whose presence at the Independence day was wildly anticipated by citizens across the country.

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The huge anticipation of Mugabe’s entry into Ghana, had created a buzz on social media; with many recounting some of his quotes which have so generated series of memes on the internet. This created a ‘Mugabe sensation’ in the country, as many who are fans of his quotes waited anxiously to get the latest Mugabe episode.

The 93-year-old who graced Ghana’s independence with his charismatic presence, left the country with a whole lot to talk about.

First off; with his suit and mostly worn red colored tie, the Zibabwean leader was seen walking very slowly on the red carpet, as soldiers surrounded him. Though justifiable, and quite a pass for his old age of 93, Mugabe seemed to walk with a slight limp on the red carpet. But that didn’t stop him from getting to his destination -his very comfy seat.

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Next was the snoozing episode.

Another act by the African leader which has still got Ghanaians talking, is Robert Mugabe’s snoozing episode at Ghana’s Independence Day celebrations. The 93-year-old who was recently in Singapore for a medical check-up, was pictured appearing to be sleeping as Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo was speaking to the people.

Mugabe in Ghana: Zimbabwean leader sleeping during 60th independence celebrations
Mugabe in Ghana: Zimbabwean leader sleeping during 60th independence celebrations

Sober Mugabe Hails Ghana’s President

Having attended the country’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, Robert Mugabe had some positive remarks for the country and her President. While addressing the media at a special gathering at a hotel in Accra, a day after the celebrations, Mugabe sung praises of Ghana and her first President Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, whom he described as a true revolutionist who fought for the emancipation of Ghana and Africa.

As he paid tribute to late Nkrumah, the Zimbabwean leader also likened the late Ghanaian leader to the country’s current President Nana Addo. According to him, Ghana is lucky to have Nana Addo as President.

He hailed Nana Akufo-Addo for delivering an excellent speech at the Independence anniversary celebrations. Mugabe who said he was inspired by the speech, described it as that which re-ignited solidarity among Africans. Nana Addo he said, exhibited some qualities of Nkrumah; as he spoke to solidify the vision of Ghana and the vision of pan-Africanism -What Nkrumah was known for.

Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe

 Mugabe’s Link With Ghana

The veteran nationalist is linked to Ghana in many ways as he once taught as a teacher in Ghana, and married a Ghanaian wife. Mugabe stayed in Ghana between 1955 and 1958, and at the time, was a teacher at a Senior High School. He has also been inspired in so many ways by late Kwame Nkrumah, whose teachings he still upholds.

Though she is late, Mugabe once married a Ghanaian woman.

Once Strong; but now Weak Zimbabwean President

Sources confirmed that Robert Mugabe traveled to Singapore last week for a routine medical check-up, returning on Sunday morning just for hours, before leaving for Ghana.

It appears age has finally taken a toll on the once vibrant Zimbabwean President. The oldest world Head of State in recent times, have shown he is no longer strong enough to run the country. This has been seen in some incidents of falls and staggers at official gatherings -incidents which always finds their way on social media, generating a comic buzz of the leader across the globe.

Zimbabwean government officials many a time, have tried to cover up, as they have relentlessly made effort to project a strong image of Mugabe to Africans and the world at large. However times without number, reliable sources have said that the Zimbabwean leader who will be 94 this year, has grown weak and sleeps a lot during meetings.

But all these reports seem to be of no significance to the Zimababwean leader who says he will continue to rule until ‘God’ decides to take his life. As a matter of fact, Mugabe who is of the Zimbabwean African National Union -Patriotic Front (ZANU PF) political party, has already been endorsed as the party’s candidate in next year’s general elections.

This simply means that Mugabe will serve his second term of office under the 2013 Constitution, until 2023; when he will be 99.