“I Will Never Get Married” – Mzbel

We are well aware of the fact that marriage has not always gone down well with female celebrities because of so many factors. In fact, a lot of female stars dread marriage because they always feel they’ll have to slaughter their total freedom (which of course is dear to them) on the altar of marriage. All the same, with all the scare and lack of interest, scarcely will any lady come out boldly, especially in an African setting such as ours to say that “she will NEVER get married”. But, Mzbel has chosen to break the records!

The female Ghanaian singer, Belinda Nana Akua Amoah, popularly known as Mzbel has plainly declared her complete lack of interest in the thing called marriage. In fact, she has emphatically said that she does not want to ever get married.

This decision she disclosed while speaking to Delay on Viasat 1. For Mzbel, marriage is means slavery. She therefore revealed during the talk that she wasn’t at all bothered by the prospect of not getting married because she does not want to be enslaved.

“I don’t want to ever get married, I will never get married, and I just don’t want to be a slave for any man.

“I want to be free and do things at my will. The reason is simple, my job comes with a lot of issues and even in relationships, it is difficult to get the man to understand how much more marriage. I just don’t want anybody asking me who texted me, who called me, why are you wearing this, why are people saying this about me and all that,” she said.

In a similar but more lengthy interview in 2014, Mzbel maintained the same stance without mincing words. This is to show that this decision of hers has been well thought out and she may never reconsider it. Below are the excerpts of the interview as gathered from myjoyonline.com:

“I am not looking forward to marriage because I do not want to feel dedicated to anyone. I want to be my own woman and infact, I am enjoying being a single parent,” she told Showing in an interview last Monday.

“I have no problem being in a relationship; infact, I am currently dating but marriage is a no go area for me. I am a hard working woman with three kids and all this while, I have been doing everything on my own so I don’t see the reason why I would allow myself to be pinned down all in the name of love and marriage. I want to be a free bird,” she said.

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When asked why she had reached that decision she said,

“It is simple, I do not want any one to disturb mv peace. You know as soon as you get married, it’s like there are some rules that you need to follow and I am not ready to abide by those rules.

“I nearly got married this year but I declined after thinking through and realising that marriage was not meant for me. I don’t want to feel obliged to cook or do certain things for any man. With my current single mother status, as and when I feel like doing something, I do it and so far I love it”

Mzbel added that her children – her own son and two adopted others were also part of her decision.

“If I get married, my children will not get the best of me as I will have to divide my attention. My children need me more and I would like to dedicate the rest of my life to them so that they do not have to share me with anyone,” she said.

“Moreover, I have seen how terrible some marriages end, some to the extent of the woman committing suicide and knowing how fragile I am, I do not want to find myself in any of such situations. The bottom line is, I am an independent woman and getting married will spoil things. I am happy the way I am,” she stated.

In response to what people may think of her decision, she said,

“I don’t care what people are going to say, I have listened to people on several occasions and it did not help me so I have decided to turn a deaf ear to what they will say. I have reached a point where what matters to me is how I feel and I am focusing on doing what will make me happy.”

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We would recall that the mother of three returned to the showbiz scene after the maternity break of her first biological son with the launch of her Red Carpet Show. Following the success and rave of the show, she is set to organize another on May Day at Bukom Square in James Town called Mzbel Rockz.