Naa Ashorkor on Motherhood: Starr FM Personality Schools Young Couples on Childbirth After Marriage

Naa Ashorkor on motherhood – What seems to be a norm for women is to get married, take in, and give birth immediately. But Starr FM’s Naa Ashorkor thinks otherwise.

No, she is not against getting married neither is she against taking in, but the beautiful radio personality has something to say about the preceding expression which is starting a family immediately after marriage.

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Naa Ashorkor is of the view that young wives need to be given the chance to plan their way into motherhood.

According to her, a woman does not have to rush into giving birth right after getting married, as she needs to take her time to learn how to be a mother first.

Naa Ashorkor on motherhood

Speaking with Graphic Showbiz in an interview, the young mother of one said that she has already started answering questions about when she is having a second baby.

“It’s been less than three months since I gave birth but questions are coming on when my second baby will arrive. Sometimes, I find such questions interesting but I don’t allow them to get to me because I don’t think I’m too old to rush to have children.”

Naa Ashorkor got married in 2014. After two years of marriage without an issue, there was so much talk about her getting pregnant but the Perfect Picture actress said she did not allow that to get to her.

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She rather spent the time learning from experienced mothers how to take care of an infant. Motherhood she explained, is a fulltime job which will require one to devote quality time to see that a child is well taken care of.

Naa Ashorkor who said she sacrificed her job for seven months to have her baby, argued that work could be a great obstacle towards giving a child good upbringing. This is why couples must be given time to decide when they are ready to bring children to this world.

Already, she’s back on GHOne TV hosting her Tales from the Powder Room and would return to her radio duties as host of Starr FM’s mid-morning show, The Zone from October 2, 2017.