This Is Why Naa Ashorkor Says She Gave Her Best Shot At The VGMAs

After getting a spot in the prestigious VGMAs, Naa Ashorkor gives a hint on how she handled the task. Naa Ashorkor who was on Showbiz on Friday said her superb delivery at the awards was as a result of her extensive preparations for the big day.

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Naa Ashorkor undoubtedly gave an outstanding delivery as one of the hosts of the show. Being a first timer, she explained how big a deal it was to her which made her take her preparations seriously. And fortunately for her, her long preparations paid off eventually, as she is still remembered for it.

Naa Ashorkor at the VGMAs
Naa Ashorkor at the VGMAs

Expressing her gratitude to her fans, she said she is humbled by the positive feedback she has been getting on her performance, and that given the chance, she would love to host the VGMAs again. Naa Ashorkor was the newbie among her co-hosts Chris Attoh and DJ Black whom are regular personalities on the VGMAs stage.

Explaining how she felt about being selected, she told Showbiz that the VGMAs is that kind of show where every one looks forward to being selected to play a significant role. Naa Ashorkor who is obviously satisfied with her latest achievement also talked about the strategies she devised to make her role a success.

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She said her secret was just to be herself on stage and not anyone else. Naa Ashorkor, who has been the host of The Zone on Starr FM is no stranger to show business. As a matter of fact, the beautiful Ashorkor has hosted some big events in Ghana including the Malaika pageants and the VGMA Red Carpet in previous years. But according to her, all that was preparing her for the big shot.

Naa Ashorkor is currently working on the Starr Woman project, which is a programme that encourages young women entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams. Apart from hosting shows, she has also featured in many plays and movies including Vagina Monologue, Don’t Dress for Christmas, Scorned, and Adams Apples. 

She is currently preparing for her new play titled; What happened to Courtship, slated for the National Theatre on Saturday, May 21. Kudos to the ever hard working Naa Ashorkor.